Eric Koloski on americas got talent!

Eric Koloski was on americas got talent
he made it through and i will try to get a video later

sorry to semi jack this, the vid is up on

that’s ok here is the vid from yoyoskills


I screamed like a little girl when I saw this. YOYOING FTW!

I wasn’t actually watching when he was on but my mom was like “OMG Pat get in here!” so I saw the tail end of it

I screamed: OMG, it’s Eric! It’s Eric! I can’t believe it’s Eric! Eric!

I feel proud…

To be a yoyoer… :slight_smile:

Eric FTW!

he’s sponserd by yyj isn’t he?


That was terrible… but impressive and worth watching. All you need to do to win americas got talent is be impressive and entertaining Good Job!


Hah, yeah, it was awesome. I was hoping a yoyoer would make it.

my mom knows im obsessed with yoyoing etc. and she was casually watching the show after eric when like some singer was up and was like “oh dan do you want to see someone who was yoyoing?” i was like WTF YES and bugged out after i saw it. i first thought it would be someone looping and stuff but nope he was doing 1a too. i was very happy to see that. he did a great job, and a great idea trying out for the show. is it yoyojam that hes sponsored by? im surprised he wasnt wearing a shirt?

Yes, yoyojam but according to the rules you have to wear a shirt that doesn’t have any logos or brands on it.

I thought that performance was good but…

I thought to audition for AGT you have to not be paid or sponsored for what you do?

The whole point of AGT is to show America the crazy things that people can do. Remember, just like us, these talented people make things so simple the audience wonder why they can’t do it themselves. You don’t have to be sponsored because I don’t think YYJ will give you a million big ones just for doing yo-yoing. Sponsorship by yo-yo companies isn’t paid, but to give them a chance to show off or something.