America's got talent: youtube

Hey, guys. I dont know if you’ve heard about but if you haven’t, you should check it out. Maybe if alot of us do it, one of us will be picked for the show. So anyway, check out and here’s my video I sent in to them.

Nice moves men! ;D

cool vid!
i was going to do the same thing and send it to them but i desided i might do it next time

thanks, and really you guys should try it out.

we should lobby and get Samad to go!!!

yah ;D

How long have u been yoyoing? Yoyoing monkey

Sweet if we both get in than that be awesome!

like 2.5 years. I know im not that good for that long but I tend to lose intrest and learn no tricks than try it one day and get addicted to it. so im on and off. Im addicted right now ;D

Dude, if they wanted a yo-yoer then they could only choose one. I’d think you’d be chosen unless another pro wants to try to get in.

Speaking of America’s Got Talent, I jut saw eric koloski on the show tonight

HA! beat you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah i watched that