Any yoyoers on AGT '12?

I’m just curious because the new season just started, are any yoyoers going to be on Americas got talent?

IDK but If Shaqler did it they would have a very good chance of winning. (I’m not exactly sure where they live though.)

Personally speaking:

While any yoyo’ers or other skill toy enthusiasts(including tops, juggling and other stuff), it’s effectively a waste of the person’s time. It’s great for exposing more people to a new sport, skill, hobby and thing to do, but it’s an intentional waste of time for those participating.

The bottom line is they are looking for a singer. That’s all they are looking for. They should stop pretending they are looking for something else. They also need to be quicker on the buzzer, because I find this show works for me better as a laxative than entertainment.

I guess I really know that the chances of a yoyoer winning AGT are very slim, but I do still find it interesting to see yoyoers on TV. and yeah, the show can drag sometimes and if you think about it they barely show that many people on the show compared to the people that actually audition…

You need someone who can appeal the crowd because technical tricks are EXTREMELY BORING to the non-yoyoer eye. You need someone like Black or the Higby couple…Heck…even Mickey and Paul Han! Not just some dude who can do tricks that will make 5 clicks in 2 seconds when the audience doesn’t know jack about tech.

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Exactly, Shagler would be epic.

Shaqler is japanese

They could move to US

I think Ben Conde or John Narum would do well

In order for Shaqler to even make auditions for AGT, they need to get a work visa. Yes, it’s still considered ‘work’. I remember back in So You Think You Can Dance, an England-raised Japanese dancer, even though he passed auditions 'cause he was sooo good [Hok from Quest Crew], he can’t go further because he didn’t have a work visa.

And you’re making it seem like John Ando, Atsushi Yamada, Takeshi Maruyama, and Kurita Shigesato would be willing to move to the United States for a reality show that doesn’t give a single darn about yoyoers and is actually looking for singers, like Studio said. They also have jobs and they promote the HyperYoYo brand in Japan. On top of that, Shaqler gets invited into variety shows in Japan every now and then so they are quite known. I think they’re okay with that.

I wouldn’t want them lose their income over some rigged show on a country they don’t even live in [well…except for Ando because he’s orignally from Texas]

Wow you thought I was serious?

It would be utterly stupid for them to move to the US.

They would probably ruin there lives.

Yes, AGT normally makes singers win, but who knows? and cares

Not just singers, ive seen a magician almost win and then there was Jeff Dunham. ventriloquist to the max. He won AGT. just kidding with ya. Ok ALMOST all winners are singers or dancers.

Yes I know,

the ventriloquist was epic.

I know you weren’t, but being a killjoy I am I had to give my two cents that no one wants.
I mean…people only watch those kinds of shows when they’re airing the horrible auditions. Those are the only interesting ones and they are sure to raise ratings…but when they get to Vegas it’s just completely boring to me. :open_mouth:

I like the Vegas ones.

More skill.

It is interesting to see players on TV, they aren’t doing it for the win. They are doing it to promote the hobby and we shouldn’t really bash on their attempts.

And Studio is right, however the judges do let in amazing things (sometimes), however it’s the voting system that’s rigged. The viewing audience would rather let an everyday boring thing win than something unique that they aren’t familiar with due to the human tendency to reject deviant culture. Don’t blame the judges too much, but blame the your next door neighbor.

Think about this:

They are INTENDING to give the “winner” a “showcase”.

Is a yoyo’er gonna carry an audience for an hour to 90 minutes? No. Sorry. I really enjoy yoyo, but the same guy performing non-stop for an hour is just too much for me if I have to focus on something.

Is a SINGLE dance troupe? No, not unless you’re doing a story-type production. Think “Lord of the Dance” or “Nutcracker Suite” for a few examples of either recent or ongoing stuff.

Will a comedian? Maybe. But that’s an hour tops. And a comedian has to change their routine, if not for the audience, but for themselves. Performing the same thing 3-5 times a day, 5-7 days a week(ususally 5), that’s a lot of “running through the motions”.

Many of the acts COULD be combined into a variety show, which more people would be willing to watch due to short attention spans. But, depending on the variety, it could be difficult to do the multiple performances a day marathon. Yoyo could eat up an easy 10-15 minutes as an “between acts” filler performance. Add some comedy in there and you could stretch to 20 minutes, but we’re talking anywhere from 2-7 appearances in a single show, so a bunch of short routines.

So, that really leaves singers and/or bands. Magicians could, but Vegas is clogged with magicians, but they are also plugged with singers/vocalists and bands too, but those are cheaper to produce.

It’s flat out disrespectful to waste people’s time. And I find AGT very disrespectful and an insult to the entertainment industry. Be honest, be focused and don’t waste people’s time, money and energy.

But what do I know. I’m just an audio engineer.

I’m all for promoting the hobby. I just wish the “judges” would be more honest and say “you know, that’s not what we’re looking for at all. We love it, it’s great, it’s amazing, but as it doesn’t fit in with our end goals, we are only saying no because of that and for no other reason”.

That’s why if there’s anyone who wants to go far on these shows or even entertain people for such a long time on anything, you need someone like John Higby [and his wife] and Black. Both are doing well and making a huge living as yoyo performers. Heck, Black’s even part of Cirque du Soleil cast and he makes more than he did as a typical Japanese office worker.

And plus…who said that you need to just stand and yoyo? You can wear a tutu like Steve Brown or ride unicycles while double looping like the Higbys.

Not saying it’s impossible…it just needs a different approach.

The Higby’s were already on AGT, John never has anything good to say about the show in general.

The only way a YoYoer is getting as far or farther than Ian ever again is if they are part of a performing arts showcase group. A yoyoer or pair of yoyoers with dancers, jugglers, top spinners, hoopers, poi spinners etc would do well if the show was crisp and entertaining.

Didn’t know about Higby going on AGT in the past. But I wouldn’t be surprised that he won’t have anything good to say about that show that is extremely rigged. Piers is always too stuck up to see something new and would rather see magicians do the same exact illusions as 239572935 other magicians have done before or some singer…

The second paragraph, I agree… Nothing else I can say.