Might be on AGT!

All of you America’s Got Talent Fans out there, Know that Season 5 Just Ended Yesterday, and They are Starting Over the Auditions Again.
Being a Huge Fan of AGT (My Favorite Show btw) I was Not Happy with Who got in The Top 4. It Should have been: Fighting Gravity, Michael Grasso, Studio One, and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven. Those are the Only People in The Top 10 that deserved to go in the Top 4. But, Instead, this is who got in the Top 4: Fighting Gravity, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Price Poppicott. Fighting Gravity was the Only GOOD Act in the Top 4. And, Michael Grimm DID NOT DESERVE TO GO IN AT ALL! He is just an Adult Singer that Sings, and plays the Guitar. And Guess What?? HE WON AMERICA"S GOT TALENT!!! I was ALL Like “why?! My Life is RUINED!” Because He didn’t even Deserve to be in the Top 48. And He WON???!!! I think that Was The WORST Mistake EVER. What A BIG FAIL.
Ok, I got a little Carried Away. lol. Anyways, The Auditions Start in October, and I asked my Parents if I could Audition and do a Yoyo Actw with my Friends that I met at VA States. I havn’t asked my Friends yet, so they don’t know about this yet. lol. But, My Parents told me That they will Think about letting me be on AGT! I think Im good enough to make it to Atleast Vegas, if me and my friends try REALLY Hard and Come up with a SUPER Awesome Act. But, It Only MIGHT Happen. And I will tell you: I am NOT Going up on Stage Alone! XD
I put this up as a Topic because I want to hear what people think.
If I get the Chance, Should I do it?
There is gonna be THOUSANDS of People Watching.
The Biggest Audience Iv had was Only a Couple Hundred People.
So, What do you think? Should I go for it? Risk Not getting into Vegas and being Failed infront of THOUSANDS Of People? WHAT SHOULD I DO?? lol

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do it cody!

Go for it!!!
Good luck ;D

There’s no way you can’t pass. I have faith in you Cody.

Do it for the community!

Go Cody! Woot!

I actually got offered to be ong AGT at the SoCal contest. I didn’t go for it though. If you want to do it, good luck.

Do it… it will expand the yoyo comunity as more people will want to yoyo

Go for it dude

Good luck.

Advice: Don’t make it a routine where you guys are displaying tricks. Make it like a dance routine except with yo-yos. Have guys do other styles and variety is best. Please, take this in consideration and don’t make the same mistakes everybody else has. Yoyoskills has a featured video of SleeperZ at Czech got talent and study Team SHAQLER on youtube.