UPDATE: Shu Takada will be on Americas Got Talent on NBC AGAIN on 9/6/22 (was previously on: 5/31/22)

Source: SHU TAKADA | 高田柊 on Instagram: "⭐🇺🇸 My Yo-Yo Act on American's Got Talent🇺🇸⭐ I was chosen to be on the season premiere on May 31st! Who's ready to watch!? See you soon🪀 If you see this post after the broadcast, thanks for watching my performance 😉 @agt @agtauditions @nbc アメリカンズゴットタレントの今年初回となるプレミア放送に出演させていただきます! 5月31日午後8時よりスタート! 日本時刻だと6月1日午前9時からです! #agt #agtauditions #agtseason17 #yoyo #shutakada #nbc"
You can watch it on NBC at 8p.m. eastern time.


It will be very interesting if anything has changed over the years in how the judges view the value/skills of the player.

It seems to be the ‘standard’ that the judges don’t really see Advanced off the chain yo-yo skills as actual ‘skills’. The general consensus leans toward the mindset of yo-yo skills aren’t really ‘marketable’ so what’s the point?

John Narum was on America’s Got Talent about 8 years ago. He only threw some 4A for about a minute or so……but his 4A was solid and clean and displayed obvious ‘Skills’. As soon as his routine finished, the camera panned the judges. They all had this stupid look on their faces.

He got cut without even making the top 48.

….So, here we are 8 years later. And nobody better than Shu to put the screws to the judges and force them to grasp the talent they will be seeing.

You can bet good money that Shu is gonna ‘Bring the Heat’. I don’t care what judges will be on the panel, Shu will be the BEST yo-yo player they have ever seen in their lifetimes.

It will be most interesting to see if the judges are willing to wrap their heads around what they will see and not just have those wit-less expressions on their faces when skill toy experts their display their Mad Talents.


Shu was on the german equivalent of AGT (Deutschland sucht das Supertalent) and he impressed the crowd and the judges and the video editors of the show even edited Shus acrobatic flip tricks with slow motion and sound effects.
Everyone was amazed. I have no doubts that Shu will amaze everyone again.


Good thing it’s Shu then! They’re one of the most acrobatic players that comes to mind.


YoYoFactory and C3 Present: 2012 World YoYo Champion 2A Shu Takada - YouTube You’re forgetting this one


I was thinking of the ones where he does flips and other acrobatic skills but that’s absolutely a must-see one that shows off his dancing skills; I should’ve included it :slight_smile:

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Diabolo has been the only yoyo-ish skill toy to get far on AGT (twice, as I recall). Here’s hoping Shu can change that.


Yeah, I think the acrobatics/performance will be the selling point for the judges. The uninitiated don’t have the experience or context to determine trick difficulty, so it just comes down to “bangers”. See also, The Rule of Cool.


Anybody that can watch that video without feeling happy and smiling the length of the video, needs to donate their brain to Science.


I was just in awe (as usual when watching Shu Takada routines), but then at the two minute mark the smiles started. Great one.


He is amazing. He routines can’t be beat.


I don’t know if anyone just saw his act on Americas Got Talent, but that was AMAYZING!


He made it. Incredible performance and everyone loved it. Yoyoing is cool in 2022


So weird I’m still waiting to see him we must be on a delay. Only 6 minutes left in the show and I’ve only seen little clips of him on the going to commercial edits. Weird!


I’d pay to see him do an hour at Vegas


So what show am I even watching I just got forced to watch some dumb jerk sing about wanting Parmesan and being indulged way too long. It’s past 8pm and I’ve watched an hour of pretty crappy tv and no Shu.

Am I living in an alternate universe?

Just realized with horror this is a 2 hour show. Oh my god I hope he’s on soon this is the worst.


Someone please share the approximate time to start watching.


Shu just shared a clip of it on Twitter for everybody else who doesn’t watch TV but was curious about this. It seems like everybody loved it. Shu really is one of the best yoyo ambassadors, what a great showman. 2A is so cool.


Just watched it. Yup. That’s Shu! I love the doubt and smirks of the crowd and I’m just here “oh you’re in for a ride. You’ve never seen anyone like this.”


Broke out the Shu-gar while watching Shu totally kill it!

He’s such a boss. :+1: