Americas got Talent Season 8 Audition

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Hey guys Mason here, I just wanted to let you all know that I am all signed up for my audition for Americas Got Talent season 8 in Seattle Washington on November 29th! I am very excited as I plan to get farther then any yoyoer ever has! Wish me luck! tomorrow I LEAVE!

-Mason DeVriend


Nice! I will definitely be watching!


Good luck, dude! Go do us proud!



Good luck dude!:sunglasses: I hope you win! Hope you make it!

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I can’t wait to see this! More yoyoers on AGT!


Do it for the yoyoers! I have no doubt you will be great!

(M.DeV1) #7

I’m so nervous!


Don’t be if I were you Imagine it’s just you and your Yoyo no crowd or just imagine it’s a Yoyo competition!

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Hopefully you can go longer than Ian Johnson


Yeah. I was so bummed when he didn’t make it farther. :slight_smile:


Yeah but then again he probably didn’t bring his A game


He, he looked pretty good to me. He was on when I was still a noob, though, so I don’t know.

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My plan is to make it farther then Ian. He was a bit clumsy and that cost him, I don’t plan on making the same mistakes and I also bring Diaboloing to the table.


Nice! Hope you do well! :wink:

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He honestly didn’t deserve to stay even after lacking an A game. His last performance on the show was pretty bad. Not bad yoyoing, just bad performing.

[Edit]: In terms of what could be done, and what his competition was.


Yeah I saw it really it could have bin 10 times better than what it was.


Good luck man. This should be awesome. Let us know how it goes for sure.


go up there and win it all man!!!


Pat has touched on something which is key, the entertainment factor of your performance is what will advance you through. AGT judges are not impressed with the difficulty level of your tricks. Because they have no understanding of how it’s done, complicated combos are boring for them to watch. You don’t have judges sitting in front of you who are even close to looking for the same things judges are looking for in actual yo-yo competitions so don’t go out there and think you are going to impress with the same type of routine because they just won’t see it.

AGT is not about technical skill, it’s about entertaining. The first thing to remember is you must engage with your audience. Draw them in, make them smile, make them laugh, make them say; “OH WOW!”
You’ll have to be able to know your routine so well you can do it in your sleep. It must be so smooth and spot on and automatic that you can appear to be paying more attention to the people than your yo-yo. They will want to see flourishes, splashy stuff, they need to see 4th of July fireworks going off. This requires much more than yoing skills, you’ll need to be fun and winsome with banter and showmanship. Don’t wear T-Shirts and jeans. Dress to the nines for every performance. Your clothing is going to be extremely important. It should be noticeable the second you walk out. Not gaudy or loud, classy, sharp and sophisticated. The young girls need to swoon and the old men need to be amazed.

This is an extremely tall order. Extremely tall! Just remember, what would make André Boulay applaud will make Howard Stern yawn. If you want to advance you have be a superstar every time out and each time your show must be more spectacular than the last. I do believe it can be done and you very well may be the guy to do it, but you have to blast through the wall and do things no one has yet imagined. This past season yoers didn’t make past the first round I don’t think because the judges felt yoyoing is something for amusement parks and kiddie birthday partys. You have to bring something which blows all that attitude right out of the auditorium. You’ll have to be spectacular!

I realize this was way too long and it isn’t the RAH! RAH! Go Mason! others are sharing. I’m not wishing to be discouraging. Just the opposite. I want you to do very well. I do. However you need to be thinking WAY outside the usual yoing box. WAY OUTSIDE! Please understand to move on you have to put together a Vegas show and not just a routine of yo-yo tricks.

Good luck man! We’ll all be looking for you next spring when the show airs.

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My thoughts Exactly! I have been studying and working and such. I am ready.