a way to get ian johnson BACK on americas got talent

http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/contestants/poll/ vote for Ian Johnson to get him back on the show so we can show piers he can win get the word out if we do he will return as a WILD card ;D

voted :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen what America is putting through. Thank goodness for Pepto!

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Not gonna happen fellas. It’s nice to see the support but there just aren’t enough of us to make this happen.

voted ;D

you can vote multiple times if you open google chrome with an incognito window.
you can just keep opening a new tab and voting.
just saying.
ive voted 5 times so far.

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I liked Eric’s performance better than ian’s personally. I’m still gonna vote but I honestly think if a yoyoer was gonna win it, Eric would have already. Ill do anything to get some people throwing in my area! We need Ian to win and we need one’s and whip’s selling in a major retail store.

I agree with Icthus on multiple levels:

1: There aren’t enough of “us” to push him back into the mix.

2: America proves time and time again that they simply do NOT want talent.

3: Ian HAS talent, which makes him ill suited for being on, of all things, a nationally televised show that calls itself a talent contest.

4: Bottom line, Ian isn’t showcase material for what the intended end product is. America doesn’t see this either. They keep pushing novelty and variety type acts. What is the shallow water diving gonna do? Yack for an hour and then do a big splash? Dance and acrobatic acts aren’t gong to work unless they are part of a larger show. That leaves:
Comics/comedians. Rare is it a new comic that can handle an hour set, even cut to 45 minutes.
Bands. Nothing better than a crap-tastic band headlining a show it can’t handle.
Vocalists to front a showcase. Been there, done that. This is safe money for an “act past it’s prime, still want to perform but doesn’t want to tour”, but pretty much disaster on their own because they aren’t proven and won’t be proven in the Las Vegas environment.
Magic Acts: While I like magic acts, they are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas. Cris Angel, Lance Burton and the amazing “tigers attacking humans” act of Siegfried & Roy, plus other long term stints by other notable magicians.

The sad thing is I see crap like American Idol and I see what I’m gonna have to work with in the future. Makes me wonder why I buy good mics when they are better off singing into an bucket with an auto-tune inserted int their channel.

I’d rather see Ian get back into the mix just to hopefully knock off some other act that shouldn’t be there. But, I’ve seen what America voted to go through. The sad thing is we’ve fallen a LONG ways, and the sadder thing is that it’s going to continue to fall, and it’s only gonna get worse.

I am an amateur magician, and please dear Buddha, can we leave Mr. Angel off the list? Fancy television cuts is the only thing he has working for him.

I’m more of a david blaine person myself.

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Sure, we can leave the $100,000,000.00/year Cris Angel off the list. That’s what he’s putting in his pocket every year. I won’t argue the flashy Hollywood edit job, but he was good before he went into what appears to be “sellout” mode. He gets on my nerves now.

Or we can go with "psychosis of the day "Celine Dion. Oh, what’s that? She didn’t re-up her show? Uh, fact is, the venue said “to he$$ with that nutjob” so she can go spin it any way she wants to.

America’s Got Talent ideally needs to pre-screen acts out of respect to the acts themselves. If it ain’t something can be stretched to an hour show, then why are you wasting my time, there time, your time and advertiser dollars?
(Oh wait, we just make the masses happy and the advertisers only want eyeballs).

Not a David Blaine fan. Guy just comes off as a “feminine hygiene product” and in person he certainly doesn’t break that mold. Reminds me more of a street scam artist. His big thing is/was some publicity stunt, with emphasis on STUNT. Those 15 minutes don’t last very long, do they?

Let’s bottom line it:
Can Ian Johnson carry an hour show?


1: Too young. Child labor laws will prevent him from working what a venue wants in the Vegas way.

2: Even so, are you gonna want to watch him throw for an hour? As much as I like what he’s doing, honestly, I don’t think I could sit around and watch any single thrower for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. As much as I enjoy yoyos and watching videos and trying to learn stuff, watching performance can get, how do I say it? it can be a bit of an endurance issue. With a YoYo contest, you get variety as contestants come and go in regular manner.

3: Are you also willing to plonk down $35-$135 and up to do so? Or is he gonna be a comp ticket act? Yeah, makes you feel good when the only way people will see you is they were given tickets. Reminded me when this Chinese couple was comp’d tickets to Kieth Urban. PRIME tickets, front row, just off center. $80/ticket. Couple walked out before the first song was over. They turned WHITE as the horror of what they were hearing entered their ears.
This isn’t a slam on Kieth Urban. I’'m not a fan of his. But, it wasn’t because it was a crappy show, it’s because what is considered music to elderly Asians who like to go to Indian casinos and what music often IS are two entirely different things.

He’s part of a variety act. The advantage is that he can be re-used and rotated in and out. He needs almost NO set and no set/strike time. Worse case scenario, if he wants to do some talking while throwing or before/after, a slimline head worn onmi with a body pack and maybe an IEM. This is set-up ahead of time and marked for his exclusive use. With his hair and style, nobody will notice it on him, which is the whole point. But, in small doses for set changes or act changes, he’d be ideal. Kill a little space, keep the audience pumped up but engaged.

If he gets older and is still into it, since Vegas is trying to get more kid friendly, he’d be ideal to connect with kids. I’d rather see kids do something that isn’t video games, arcade games or other activities that require them to pump quarters into machines. A casino or other facility could hire someone like him, and with a company such as YYJ putting a heavy endorsement on him, he could also develop a signature low-end/low cost throw affordable for parents to buy for their kids. Bring your own yoyo, learn some tricks. Don’t have your own? Buy one or borrow one. He can even incorporate this his time between performances if that comes about.

YoYo, even if it hits major mainstream status, will remain a niche. However, I’d like to see more kids throwing yoyos than walking around with their ear glued to a cell phone, or fingers tapping away on video games or texting. Kinda sad when you go to Disneyland and 90% of kids between 13-18 are texting constantly. You’re at Disneyland, enjoy the park! But, we forget how sometimes something simple that doesn’t require batteries can be so much fun. It also takes some effort to be decent at a yoyo. But we’re a nation of people wanting “instant gratification”. Personally, I find it very satisfying to spend a lot of time and FINALLY get that trick I’m working on to come together and then get easier and easier.

If anything, bring back Ian just to aggravate Piers. This is all his fault anyways.

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You can keep re-voting for Ian!

The issue with Ian’s presence is that he has talent that America doesn’t take seriously. Last night, acrobats got in (understandable), but a dance crew also got in. What were the other acts? A juggler that can play piano with just his juggling equipment, a bmx team, and some guy who almost got his head shot off. AGT may be a talent contest but it should be more of a showcase instead. Those singers and dance crews, in my opinion are just a bunch of people that couldn’t make it in shows that actually judge them on that (except for Team iLuminate and Jabberwockies, they’re awesome).

A yo-yo in a giant talent show like that? Maybe he will get noticed, closest thing to a vegas show is being invited to perform with Circus Circus (just to let you know, Zuma Zuma the acrobats were performing at Circus Circus when I went there so they’re extremely professional), a kid friendly hotel.

Once again, by voting him through, we’re not raising his chances of winning because if America didn’t vote him through once, then they won’t vote for him again. Either way, we must support real talent that is based on hard work and time consumption. Ian Johnson is just that (also vote for Yellow Design Stunt Team while you’re at it) and his presence is to spread yo-yoing, not to win.

I know that I was originally the one to report this, but just do you guys know, in the fine print it says that “Votes don’t count, picks are chosen at the discretion of the producers”. So even if we get enough or don’t get enough, all our votes do is help the producers make the final decision.



Its good to see that they have made democracy a failing concept :smiley:

Seriously guys, Ian Johnson shouldn’t really be back on America’s Got Talent. In all honesty, is performance was… bad. I didn’t really enjoy watching his part. The red-head was right, he needs to put more of his personality in the show. I’m a traitor, whatever.

I tend to keep this in mind when I watch the show: It’s not America’s Got Talent, it’s America’s Potential Vegas Shows. Ian is not a Vegas show. Personally, I’d leave the theater if it was one.

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Um every single judge said this.