Good and Bad

What was your greatest achievement in yoyoing? and what was your greatest fail at yoyoing?..

1.landing a wrist mount (i know what you’re thinking)

  1. hitting a girl in my class in the face (metal…)

joining the forum

breaking my dv8 88

Ouch explain…

my greatest success…uhhhhhh…hmmmmmm…meeting so many awesome people and deciding to go to the yoyo club near me, i always have a blast when i go and ive met some awesome people there

my greatest failure…breaking my throw hand by punching a door and not being able to throw for 4 weeks… yeah that was dumb ;D

My greatest success: Having fun, each day I throw.

My greatest fail: Using a FS I barely practiced with in the prelims at BLC XP

  1. Landing Spirit Bomb, I got in the Triangle and I stared at it for a good 30 seconds before i relized i Landed it.
  2. Having My String Break during a around the world,

it landed?

samad why must you always have the best answers…

landing a kwijibo in two seconds flat and hitting myself in the face with my splash dv888

well at least it was splash.

Being on the forums

hitting my self in the nose

Joining the forum.

Buying a DM…

Going to PNWR, Best contest ever.

Messing up every single 4A trick in a 3 minute freestyle at BAC…

hey don’t be a hate-a!

lol. I just really hate it.

I’m sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

wOw I’m glad a lot of peoples greatest achievement was the forums!! Sadly when I first started I had no idea how often I would be on or meeting so many people!! so for me it wasn’t a true victory at the time. But it’s excellent here I’m glad I decided to go here instead of facebook…

someday I may too… Haha no I do fine with it as long as it sleeps for more than two seconds and doesn’t cut my hand I’ll be fine!

Best: Mesmerizing about 15 people at a cook out for twenty minutes

Worst… Either getting my DM stuck in a tree from an arial or breaking my Die-Nasty from an arial

Good: Picking up my first yoyo

Bad: Hitting my dad’s boss in the face with a Marmot (he didn’t get fired).

there’s splash dv888

My success in yoyo: finishing and mastering ladder escape.

Biggest fail: hitting myself in the face with my DM, in public…


concrete+offstring+dv8 88