What is the worst thing you've done from being obsessed with yoyoing?


Like when you check your yoyo for dings when you break something expensive with it.


Emptying my bank account ::slight_smile:


^ my point exactly, overspending!


Hmmm how’s saying no to kids at school who want to try my Yoyo?


took it out in the middle of a meeting… and started playing on autopilot…

It was a little rude to the people speaking.


That’s why you only do it when your on a phone conference, mute the mic and start throwing! :wink:

(velez_adrian) #7

Beating all my friends that have been yoyoing longer than me at a contest and they well deserved to beat me. Zach g. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Zach and everyone else at mn state

(velez_adrian) #8

Also hitting my head with a yoyo hurts


Oh, I already do that… haha

(Yo^2) #10



This. Just this week, I picked up six new throws. And none of them were very cheap. O.o



Hustle free drinks with tricks


I think that would not be a bad thing tho ;D lol


Whilst we’re airing our sins…

So we have a disabled bathroom in our office that everyone just uses all the time because there’s no disabled people in our office that actually need it. It’s prime real estate in the toilet scene, everyone wants to use it.

So every now and then I would grab my yoyo and retreat into there and throw for a few minutes, just to relax. Been doing this for years with no problem. (I must re-iterate that if there was anyone disabled in our office that actually needed this toilet, I wouldn’t have done this.)

Anyways, one day I’m having a great throwing session for 5-10 mins or so with my new Shutter. I open the door, and would you know it, there’s a guy in a wheelchair sitting there with a very angry look on his face.

He wasn’t happy… no idea where he even came from and haven’t seen him since. Still, I don’t throw in there anymore just in case. :stuck_out_tongue:


That made me laugh, Gambit. :smiley:

I haven’t done anything too drastic, but any given moment I’m at risk of tuning out my loved ones for the sake of yoyoing. It’s a constant battle to ensure they feel they are more important than the yoyo (of course, they ARE, but I also have to make sure they FEEL it. :wink: ).

The struggle is real.


Haha, this made me laugh.



I do that all the time, mainly with stacked yo-yos when I’m sitting down. Throwing helps me focus, I’ll often be in someone’s office for a quick conversation and throw just to let my brain flow freely and think outside the box. I do my best thinking when throwing.




sometimes i have to work from home. when i do i find i spend about half the day playing yoyo instead of working. otherwise, i am a model employee :wink:



Other than spending a couple K, nothing…