Goku vs superman

This has been buggin me lately and i won’t to see what other people think.

Ka-me-ha-me-HAAAAAAAAAAA!!! yeah dude can superman blow up planets at will and teleport? goku is 10x better than supahman. and lol unrelated discussion.

Goku end of discussion

Heck, even Krillin can beat Superman.

Lol heck yes!

Superman, no contest.

i remember when i was little i stood in front of my bathroom mirror and tightened every muscle in my body and tried to go super saiyan. my mom came into the bathroom because i sounded constipated LOL tmi! :smiley: :smiley: anybody else ever try to do this? or kamahameha?

I’m sorry, but DC Comics made a bad mistake of making Superman invincible. No one on earth can beat him, assuming they don’t have kryptonite. I absolutely dislike the “man of steel”, and really wish that Goku could beat him.

He was killed by Doomsday…

I thought the new super man movie comeing out seemed pretty cool “man of steel”

In a fight I’d say superman. He’s a lame superhero, and I hate him, but he could beat Goku. Goku is significantly more cool though.

I dislike DC superheroes. Except Green Lantern. Their Sandman series is great though. Anything Neil Gaiman touches is gold.

Can Superman do this? Goku is stronger, faster, and is in a lot of ways able to beat Superman.

yeah, dude again, even krillin can beat superman!

Superman might be invincible, but Goku keeps getting wished back when he dies. HE NEVER GOES AWAY. I think Superman will eventually give up.

Goku. Hands down.

The Dragon balls can only wish someone back once. they had to use the namikian dragon balls to wish him back a second time.

wrent they modified after the time they revived goku after “killing” cell?

After Goku beats down Superman like Doomsday did, Godzilla would throw Goku into a black-hole, and when Goku dies, Godzilla would destroy said black-hole with his atomic laser breath…It did happen…go watch some real Japanese movies. Like Godzilla…you might learn something new. Like how absurd it is to mix American comic heroes with absurd overly Muscular Japanese manga Heroes…


Most ridiculous answers ever. Superman would win every time. It’s not even close.