Battles Who Will win?!?


Ok here we will have a battle between some of the most epic fictional characters ever. Some examples will be:
Superman vs. Batman
Altair vs. Ezio
Edward vs. Spiderman (yuki will get this one)

so guys lets get this started.

Darth cader vs. Master Cheif


Didn’t Batman beat Superman in one of the storylines?

Anyway, Darth Vader would totally win. He’d force choke Master Chief to death before the Chief can finish saying “Why are the Sith working with the Covenant?”.

Batman vs James Bond: battle of the tech-heads.


Batman Vs Bond is a good one. In A large well-lit area bond would win. He would be able to get multiple shots off before Batman would be in range. In a dark alley, Batman would win for sure. 8)

The Expendables VS The Navy Seals.


The Navy Seals because they’re the first to be called out to a mission and you can’t forget that they are real.

Spongebob vs Aqua Man


I forget, does Aqua Man have domain over all aquatic life or is it only fish? If the former, then I suppose he could just order Spongebob to go on punching himself in the face.

The Clyons from BSG or the Replicants from Bladerunner?


the replicants- because they are replicants.

Mr. Spock vs. Flavor Flav


Flav would win. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. But I feel it in my heart.

Pokemon vs Digimon.


Master Chief has bullets. Vader couldn’t respond fast enough

Pokemon vs Digimon?
If I remember correctly, Digimon has much, much bigger beings. Pokemon is kind of made up of rodent to dolphin sized creatures.

Tom Hardy’s Bane vs Heath Ledger’s Joker


You forget, Vader deflects laser rifle fire with a lightsaber. Given that lasers travel at much higher speeds than bullets, I don’t think bullets will be a problem. Could be the longest darn force choke in history though.

[Edit to add: love that gif!]

And in a one on one street brawl, I’d have to give it to Bane but given time to prep, I’d think the Joker’s unpredictability would give him the slight edge.

Falcor (from Neverending Story) vs Oppa (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)



Oppa cause he is a complete B.A.

Batman (arkham asylum version) vs. Sub Zero (my favorite from mk)


Batman beat Superman in Hush, when Superman was being controlled by Poison Ivy.


The reason Jedi and sith are so good at deflecting lasers is because they are very visible. It’s just like baseball only you could die. You can’t see bullets fly through the air unless they’re tracer rounds. And!, in the Star Wars universe, lasers don’t really travel that quickly; they are either slower than or on par with the speed of bullets.
And with bullets, there is a greater spread; I don’t think automatic guns are as straight shooting as an automatic laser rifle. And take the shotgun for example, Vader couldn’t do crap against the 8 gauge Master Chief uses. There’s no way Vader could push them back with the force or block them with an object he’s holding within the force.
Bullets are simply too unpredictable to be successfully parried. And Master Chief is a trained UNSC Spartan II super-soldier who happens to be the luckiest of all spartans (Cortana computed so); I don’t think a choke hold would bother him to the point where he could just shoot Vader.


Now this is the sort of incredibly geeky over-analysis I was hoping for! thumbs up I still think Vader would be able to deal with the automatic fire but you are definitely right about the 8-gauge tearing Vader a new one. A lightsaber vs energy sword duel might be interesting though.



Yes it would be. Id have to give it to Vader though, because he pretty much spent his entire life working on lightsaber fighting and technique, so he would pwn master chief in a sword fight.

Albums Dumbledore vs. Algol (from soul calibur)


Dumbledore, Only a snake can kill him…lol

Gigantor vs. Cyborg 009


Cyborg 009

ED209 vs battle droids.


Battle Droids. Ed209 seems a bit cumbersome and slow. Also a bigger target.

Geralt from ‘The Witcher’ vs Link from ‘Legend of Zelda’.



That’s tough…I think I have to give it to Link, though. Not sure why, but I bet he would win.

Samus (metroid) vs. Boba Fett


Samus. Naturally more athletic and has the better weapons. She’s also survived planetary explosions and has that damn screw attack. Meanwhile, Boba Fett keeps feeding himself to the Sarlacc XD

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story vs Major Chip Hazard from Small Soldiers (if anybody remembers that film at all!)


Buzzzzzzzz Lightyear to the rescue.

A cage fight between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.