Fantasy Battles

Okay, this is how it will work, I will name two yoers, then the next guy will say who they think would win in a yoyo battle between them.

                Zach Gormley or Gentry Stein

Gentry Stien

Augie Fash or Eric Kolsoski

Augie Fash

Christopher Chia VS Hiroyuki Suzuki

christopher chia

Sebastian Brock vs Jensen Kimmit

JENSEN KIMMITT… unless he is trying to win or making art. lol

 Hiryoki Suzuki vs. Paul Han

Hmmm. Tough. Paul would try to kill the judges with his snapping yoyo string act. I really love his style though…

Paul Han

5a battle! Tyler Severance vs Takeshi Matsuura

T Sev.

Red vs whip

red - though i’m more a teenie bopper of whip’s :slight_smile:

guy wright vs. spencer berry…



Definitly Guy

André vs. JD


2A battle!

Josh Yee vs. Shinji Saito

What in the hay


Hitoshi Ono vs Takayasu Tanaka

Predator vs. Alien.

Hey, they are milking that series for all it’s worth, why not have the “ultimate throw-down”?

Market it: they can kill, but can they throw?

hitoshi ono

yasuki tachibana vs. kentaro kimura

Kentaro all the way

Bryan Figouroa VS John Narum

I give it to Narum

Alexis JV vs. Gerard Amento

Alexis, even though I really like Gerard.

Takihiro Izuka (one of my favorites) vs. ‪Tatsuya Fujisaka


Ann Connolly vs Andrew Bergen


CLYW Battle!

Sebastian Brock vs Kriztian Kaluzsa


Me vs. You


Markus Koh vs Gentry vs Yoshi