Yoyo Battles

I’m bored, its the holidays, things are slowing down, but my yoyoing sure hasn’t. It’s been a while since the last battle on the forums, so I wonder if anyone would like to participate in one. And considering my thread about collabs sparked the idea for the MEGA COLLAB, I’m curious what would come out of this. If you want to battle me or want to request someone to battle, feel free to post in this thread.

I’m down for a battle! What rules do we want to use? Let’s do it!!

Im down for a battle, sounds fun!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Coolio. I’ll PM you the rules once they exist

Against me or someone else?

We could do a multi-person battle.

I’m not in, but I’mma get my popcorn.

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I’ll do it

Again, please specify if you want to battle me or just simply want to battle someone else.

Lefty, I’m down to battle a fellow southerner if you’re looking for a 1v1 but I’m also down to do a group battle with rounds or just 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 if we got that many people hahaha

Not many southerners roam on the forums…i know redneck, Zorro, DrAwesome, Alex Fairhurst, and slimjoe are closeby. So far i dont know who wants to battle me so idk. It would be funny if i did 1 video and sent it as a entry to all the battle i might be in XD. But yeah you Vs me is definitely a thing

Well I don’t mind either way

I’m sure there are more than just us, but it is definitely bigger in other places.

I’m down for a you vs me battle . Or we could try to organize a “battle of the south” a battle between only people who love in the south?

A group battle for southerners sounds awesome, and I would love to participate, but I really want to do a one year video in a month, and I don’t really think that I have/will have enough material to do both…I could combine them both into a one year video that would also serve as my entry, but I don’t want to hold y’all up…

Ill battle anyone, or lefty…

Let me know!


I’m pretty sure i’m in the south hahaha!

I would but I don’t have a good camera. Yep I know what Im buying with Christmas money.

I’m in I can totally take anyone of the sorts!

Im a southerner too! Ill battle anyone really

Im down, have a mass yoyo battle vote for top 3.