Epic Yoyo Battles of History


Which matchups of famous yoyoers do you think would make some great showdowns? I’ll start.

Andre Boulay vs. Johnnie Delvalle - Retailer Revenge

Yuuki Spencer vs. Jensen Kimmit - The Stuff of Legends

Caribou Chris vs. Scuba Steve - Self explanatory

(Alex Fairhurst) #2

jonrob vs jake bullock


Ed Haponik vs Hiroyuki Suzuki. the contrast of style would be really entertaining imo. old school vs new skool


Mickey vs Jensen :o


Gotta be on a fixed axle.

I like both players. Watching Ed on a wood yoyo is just an interesting experience because of the additional movement required. I don’t want to give the advantage to Ed because of his year on a wood yoyo and his most likely many more years of playing yoyo over Mickey. I think Mickey needs to show how legit he is on a fixed axle yoyo to prove the kind of world champion he is.


Ed vs Drew
Oh wait, they did that!:smile:


Dare I say…

Severance vs Kimmitt?


oh lord I dont think that would end well.


I think it would start with yoyos, deteriorate into fisticuffs and then end with a call to 911 and someone needing some medical attention.

But, if they can keep it to the yoyo part, it would be cool.


I have a feeling Jensen would be the one going away in handcuffs while Tyler would be rushed to a hospital.
It would be totally awesome if they could keep it to the yoyo part. It would be awesome if 2 pros make videos and let the community vote.


Alann Herrera (me) Vs. Justis Evans (my yoyo “coach”)- Apprentice Vs Mentor


I’d like to think that both men (especially Jensen, who’s probably my ultimate idol) could keep the competition civil.


Biser Vs. George Standanov! That would be epic!


Mark Montgomery vs. Paul Dang

Chopstick Kings


I love me some chopsticks.


Ben vs B!st



The original yoyo battle.


I believe they both could keep it civil… :slight_smile:


i would like to see that battle or them working on a yoyo toghether


The original creator vs the World Champion (5a)

Steve Brown vs Takeshi Matsuura