Epic Yoyo Battles of History

Which matchups of famous yoyoers do you think would make some great showdowns? I’ll start.

Andre Boulay vs. Johnnie Delvalle - Retailer Revenge

Yuuki Spencer vs. Jensen Kimmit - The Stuff of Legends

Caribou Chris vs. Scuba Steve - Self explanatory

jonrob vs jake bullock

Ed Haponik vs Hiroyuki Suzuki. the contrast of style would be really entertaining imo. old school vs new skool

Mickey vs Jensen :o

Gotta be on a fixed axle.

I like both players. Watching Ed on a wood yoyo is just an interesting experience because of the additional movement required. I don’t want to give the advantage to Ed because of his year on a wood yoyo and his most likely many more years of playing yoyo over Mickey. I think Mickey needs to show how legit he is on a fixed axle yoyo to prove the kind of world champion he is.

Ed vs Drew
Oh wait, they did that!:smile:

Dare I say…

Severance vs Kimmitt?

oh lord I dont think that would end well.

I think it would start with yoyos, deteriorate into fisticuffs and then end with a call to 911 and someone needing some medical attention.

But, if they can keep it to the yoyo part, it would be cool.

I have a feeling Jensen would be the one going away in handcuffs while Tyler would be rushed to a hospital.
It would be totally awesome if they could keep it to the yoyo part. It would be awesome if 2 pros make videos and let the community vote.

Alann Herrera (me) Vs. Justis Evans (my yoyo “coach”)- Apprentice Vs Mentor

I’d like to think that both men (especially Jensen, who’s probably my ultimate idol) could keep the competition civil.

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Biser Vs. George Standanov! That would be epic!

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Mark Montgomery vs. Paul Dang

Chopstick Kings

I love me some chopsticks.

Ben vs B!st



The original yoyo battle.

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I believe they both could keep it civil… :slight_smile:

i would like to see that battle or them working on a yoyo toghether

The original creator vs the World Champion (5a)

Steve Brown vs Takeshi Matsuura