What would a True Yoyo Battle look like?


I was wondering what a true yoyo battle would look like. I was just wondering how cool and hilarious it would be if we put 2 top notch 2A players in a cage and watched them fight by hitting each other with loops. :P. I have a crazy imagination ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, who would you guys like to see battle it out?


I think it’d be like an Initial D type battle. Groupies and fan boys all around.


Shu vs Shinji? I’d pay to watch that.

(kclejeune) #4

Physical battling, someone would die, especially if a dreadnought is thrown in (I’m imagining 1a).


Dxl Battles, but both at the same time.

And Winner gets the Loser’s throw(s) :wink:

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Ooh I like this one


That sounds awesome :smiley:


Why? You’d lose all your yoyos. LOL!!!


TBH, would kill for sure.

Or the Synergy.


But the winner would get em with a blood red finish by the end of the battle :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why you find an extremely cocky 1 month thrower to battle with :smiley:


Why would you lose ALL of your yoyos?

You’d only lose the Yoyo you competed with though.


He may have short-term memory loss and keep battling back-to-back.

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That isn’t Rei Iwakura is it?


Here’s how the battle starts :).  Plus,  Doc Pop

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Takahiko Hasegawa

(WildCat23) #17


Ah, I see


I immediately thought about people throwing yoyo’s at each other. Then about yoyo’s on one side lead by the general yoyo on his horse with his sword yelling “charge” and all of them running into another group of enemy yoyo’s lead by a rebellious young yoyo. The rebel yoyo’s just want to have custom ano jobs done by loadedyoyo’s but they aren’t taking orders and they don’t want the same old colorways!!! They escaped from the factory right after being tumbled and just want a GD rainbow splash.


We should put em on a tight rope to make it more exciting