Epic Yoyo Battles of History

I think my favorite was at worlds 2007. Mickey was going for his fourth straight World Title… But talk was that Yuuki Spencer had some golden moves to throw down. Mickey had a super solid performance… But Yuuki came on stage and destroyed all comers. Was truly an epic upset.

It would be nice, but with their history it would not end well in any way

I wish I got into yoyoing earlier! So much that I missed! Yuuki vs. Anthony Rojas could be pretty good too.

I love the idea of the Chopstick Showdown - Montgomery VS Dang.

How about Hiroyuki VS Marcus Koh?

BAC 2010 springs to mind…

Ann Connolly vs. Corli du Toit



John Chow vs David Ung.

Oh wait…

Jensen had his chance to whoop on Tyler I doubt he would do it in front of a bunch of people. It would be cool tho! Both great yoyoers.

After I had read Jansens explanation of his yyf deal I kinda feel as if he never wanted to best up Tyler, he made it seem that way but I think it was more of just blowing off steam. It took all that happening for him to realize it wasn’t worth it. I think he made the right choice cause I bet Tyler would snitch haha

Oh what? Time to look up the history of YYF and Jensen Kimmitt.

Wow, it ain’t pretty.

It’d be mire like them getting at each others throats.

So wait, are Jensen and Severence like enemies?

I’m not really sure that there’s an easy way to sugarcoat something like that while still keeping it relatively true. Children aren’t as innocent as one would like to believe; they’ll figure it out, regardless if it’s edited or not. I’m not saying that I agree with vulgarity in a public setting, especially when it happens to be explicitly stated in the forum rules to maintain a clean environment but still, anybody with access to Google or some similar search engine can figure out what was going on–unedited–within around 30 seconds. Still, just to be safe, forum-wise, please edit that post.

Better lol? I only said that because that’s a feature that was specified by Jensen Kimmitt on the website where I read this.

Mod edit: Please don’t post things like that girlfriend bit again.

I like how the people that quoted the “inappropriate language” for the purposes of criticizing it are the only reason someone can still see it. Anyway, let’s get back on topic.

If you could find someone comparable to Charles Haycock’s smoothness, you could call it “The Flowdown”.

Stein vs. Rojas, Jason Lee vs. Yuuki, Sutter vs. Guy Wright(rematch) Conde vs. Figueroa. The latter 4A match-up would be my most wanted battle

Ann Connolly from YoYoFactory Vs. Corli du Toit from C3 Vs. Ewelina Wejner from CLYW


just choked on my Lucky Charms!

lol. Im glad you can read one persons account of something but remember every story has two sides.

A couple of matchup videos for the ages: