Super Smash Bros. Melee Discussion

Hey, this thread is dedicated to the GameCube Game “Super Smash Bros. Melee”. As some of you may know, despite it’s age, this game has proven to be relevant to this day. There are still official tournaments held and apparently the folks over at MLG have taken notice, as Melee will be making a grand return to the circuit this coming year. Alright, a little about me as a Smash player. I’m a Marth main. I’ve been playing this game since it came out, but never discovered advanced techniques (wave dashing, SHFFLING, Teching, DI, etc.) until 2 years ago. Currently, I’m working to play on a more competitive level. I would love to know more of the smashers on this forum (there are any)!

Happy Smashing!

Please do not start any Melee vs. Brawl wars. It’s extremely obnoxious. Neither is a “better” game. Melee is tad bit more fast paced and competitive, but this does not make it a “better” game.

This is one of the few video games I play still, I love it to death. I don’t play competitively or anything like that though. Mainly I use Captain Falcon, but I will use others like Kirby or Link.

I LOVE SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE! Ive mever played brawl. I play as falco, and i play alot! Ever wince i was really young i have played. I think that im pretty good. I wish that we could have some kind of internet tournament.

Yeah, that’s one of the things Brawl has over Melee. But then again, that’s what tournaments are for ^^

I used to love that game. Sadly, my gamecube is gone. I still enjoy brawl though! (I like snake,bowser,ike/marth)

Bowser is, like, the 4th worst character in melee (IMO). He comes after yoshi, Mr game and watch, and the iceclimbers. Hes just too slow and big.

I liked the first smash bros for Nintendo 64. I loved that game to death. I was the best at that game, and nobody could beat me. I think melee is better than brawl for sure, but how about that new one that is coming out or came out? Are you gonna try that one out?

I’m a Doc main, but haven’t gone to a tournament since 08. I only get to play about once a year now :-[

I live with a bunch of college guys, and we play every night! Hahaha I used to try to play super competitively, but just lost most of the skills somehow. I’m starting to get back into it recently. I’m considering buying a wii just to get project M set up on it :wink:

Oh and I’m a captain falcon main.

Never played melee, but played Brawl a lot.
Pretty sure my brother who is in college still spends every second of his free time playing brawl lol.
I love playing as kirby so I can troll people and just suck them up over and over xD

True he is low tier, but I’ve seen pros do amazing stuff with him as long as you SHFFL, he almost seems fast when you do. If you can SHFFL consistently, you break shields like nothing.

I love shuffling. It is the best. That’s how you win. Also jumping towards a character then in midair jumping right back the other way to confuse them.

SSB4 seems very promising, as they had folks from Project M working on, they said that they wanted to have more of a melee, fast-paced gameplay implemented. I’m very happy about this!

I hope they go back towards SSBM feel over the brawl feel. Or what if PM is actually going to be SS4 they are just doing a strange form of Beta testing?

I know thats not actually true, but just a crazy thought.

Bump 'cuz Melee is awesome.

I bought a wii yesterday and I’m setting up project m tonight. I’m stoked to say the least!

Ah yes… The SSB series is the best! I mean, I’m still a kid, having melee come out before I was born… But my brother has gotten me into more competitive play when I look over to see my friends playing brawl repeating the same, cheap moves… My favorite character in SSBM is Fox, so fast with strong attacks.

Yay! Melee love!

I love the game! But I like brawl better tbh. It’s just newer. Better gameplay mechanics, cooler graphics, story mode that’s alright, and a classic mode. Plus tons of goals to get.
Not hating on melee, it tops SOOO many of today’s games it’s cray-cray. I just like brawl more as a game, haha

I don’t dislike Brawl, but I do prefer Melee. The movement on Melee just seems more natural and fluid to me.

Take back what you said about G&W. I competed with him (Brawl version) for just shy of a year, and in my opinion, he’s one of the better characters out there. You can’t pressure him with projectiles because of his garbage can, which opens up lots of doors for attacking. He also has a good amount of attacks with broken hitboxes (opponents will complain about “that stupid turtle attack”).

I could go on, but I don’t feel like it. Game and Watch is amazing. That is all.