Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Who else plays it? :smiley:

me! Online play? Friend code exchange anyone?!


i dont have a wii. or and nintendo. or a xbox. or a ps3.

I loved, loved, loved Melee. But Brawl, not so much. Toon Link is too weak and Adult Link is too slow. And Meta Knight is way overpowered.

Pit was a disappointment.

The campaign was stellar though. Though I guess the cut scenes deserve the credit for that.

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  I agree. Melee is about the only video game I ever play anymore, when I put down my yoyo and pick up a controller.

Yes the story was good! Melee I also think is way better because it is more balanced. Brawl is overpowered with meta knight!

So, anyone of you want to brawl?

I don’t really see why Meta Knight would be overpowered, other than the glitch with him.

Yeah. Not too overpowered in my eyes.

Heck yeah I do! I haven’t for a while but I can put up a fight, if anyone wants to brawl I can go look up my friend code.

Put him in the hands of someone capable and he’s a beast.

He is incredibly fast, has good KO moves, can recover easily, has good hit priority, has long range, easy to combo, and has two glides.

He’s also been banned from several tournaments.

Ehh, he’s not really my style. I prefer characters like Ike or Link.

I never really played online with friend codes or anything ,but I got to give that a shot! I only play with my friends weekly ,but I’ve been doing it for years now. haha I love heavier people like Ganon or Dedede. I’m also pretty good as Luigi or Wolf. ;D

I’m waiting for the new Smash bros.


SSBB is the only game I play on the wii. My favorite character is ike.

I am the only person I know who play seriously as Diddy Kong.

I love this game too! I play as Falco, Sonic, or Ike normally.

love this game! PM me if you wanna exchange codes.

I play as fox or samus