Super Smash Bros!

Does anyone play Super Smash Bros? Any of them! I’m currently rocking SSB4 on 3DS, my main is Ness.

So tell me what and who you play! Let’s get some discussion!

I used to have a 3ds and did play smash bros. Sadly, I sold sold my 3ds and got a PS vita to pair with my ps4. I kinda miss my 3ds. :’(

RIP meta knight
Im crying as i type
Only have wii

Smashies is so fun. Played on the cube, wii and now wii U.

I like to play with meta knight mostly but on the new one Pacman is my jam.

I have Smash on Wii U and 3DS, fun game! I’ve been Smashing since 1999 when the game first came out.

I play Melee and P:M, usually main Falco or Marth, sometimes Captain Falcon.

I also play Sm4sh occasionally, but I’m not very good at it.

I love Smash. I used to play Melee (main Doc), now I play 3DS (main DDD) and Project M (Zelda and Mario). I’ve been trying to run out to tournaments at Xanadu whenever I can.

Classic Gamecube Melee for me