pokemon, SSBB and Mario Kart 7

How about a little game station, eh?
Put ur FC’s below if you wanna brawl, race or battle

Pokemon will be added when game is found

Wow. This subject has eight views. Maybe it’ll go viral…

I considered buying mario kart 7 at one time…

I’ll probably buy resident evil revelations before anything else though.

U should buy it. Well worth it.

This is just sad.
I know there are more gamers here…

What is SSBB? :stuck_out_tongue:

Care to play MK7? My FC is 5069-3953-4648 if you wanna race or just plain add me in general.

You are brave my friend. To go against me in Kart and Brawl?? THINK AGAIN. Ill tell you my code thingamobober tomorrow, busy tonight. Somehow, I feel like I have the Triforce when I am Zelda, She has skills when I play as her man. She kicks butt! As does Link, Ganon, Ike<-- na dur,ect.

You’re on!!! I can beat you in my sleep, lol

Oohh super smash bros brawl… I got that. Now I just need to figure out what a FC is…

friend code

I wouldnt mind playing a yoyoer in Brawl

EDIT: I call ness…

no prob, i prefer wolf or kirby


Bump. We need more

Me and Mr. Yoyoguy have been brawling, so if you want to join send Mr. yoyoguy your code so it’ll be three people brawling.

BTW i’ll pwn you in the face.

but i’ll win in the end, as i always do. :wink:

Wanna bet?? 10 mill fake moneys. I forgot, where do you look for the code for MK??

Only cause you use that cheap tank special…

Did you like it when i had TWO gold hammers as ice climbers :stuck_out_tongue: