pokemon, SSBB and Mario Kart 7

I’ll wait for Wii-U…assuming it will actually be good.

Not that the Wii wasn’t good. It was good for what it was made for, but it had so much more potential than was used on it. Needless to say, I own a Wii, but I only play DDR on it occasionally.

My experience with Brawl online was very laggy. Maybe it was my friends internet connection.

I feel this needs a burmp!!!

I was huge on Melee. Played as Shiek and Falco, kicked so much butt.
They ruined Falco in Brawl, which annoyed me. And they didn’t allow you to switch to Shiek before the match starts with Zelda, which also annoyed me.

In Brawl, I played mostly as Kid Icarus or Star Fox. Kid Icarus was a lot of fun. But none of them let me play the same way I did in Melee.

Something else that bothered me about Brawl was that they made the gravity incredibly light, which was so different compared to Melee, which was very heavy.

I didn’t hate Brawl, but Melee was definitely a better game.

they actually do let you switch to shiek before the brawl. its a trick not many know

Alright, but still, the gravity was the main change I didn’t like about Brawl. Everyone feels like a balloon.

I kind of wish they would release a Super Smash Bros. for DS. It would have worked all the way back to the original DS, and will work even better now, on the 3DS.


I want to brawl more people!

I’m usually playing Street Fighter IV :-\

I’ll beat you in SSBB. My character will probably be peach. get wrecked.
I’ll get my friend code to you soon

`Wish I had a Wii now…

Dude don’t mess with Peach she was my best character!

Also Zelda was pretty good she had some really powerful ranged moves. `

got my pkm wht out … not sure how to connect w/ any1 tho

Im the best with Zelda’s kick. But you only want to do it when someone is over like 60% and up. Dont go near me when that happens…

I feel like trolling…

Who’s got MKDS?

ive got mk7 but not mkds