Ill play Mario Kart Wii vs anyone

I don’t care if you hack or not, just as long as you don’t hack to win. I like the hackers that just do it for fun. Personally I don’t though. Post your Mii’s name and FC if you want to vs me.



I am currently around 7800 pts. I’d be higher, but played a bunch of really good people. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played that game in so long… I’ll have to join you on it when school ends, (next Saturday). :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t play it during the school year either. But during the summer, well, I got nothing better to do.

except yoyo…

Yes, But I’m not gonna do that for 14 hours straight.

7 hours yoyoing 7 hours playing Mario kart! Probably the healthiest lifestyle to live lol. :slight_smile:

Come on! No one has the game?

I do!

Hmm, maybe I should play…

I can’t play right now or get my code.


I’d love to play, unlike my brother, I can play at the moment, I think, maybe after the Olympics.
Just to warn you, I play really average