Getting hit in the head by a yoyo

Try to list all the times you got hit in the head or hurt by a yoyo and what yoyo it was that hurt you.

Shutter: I looked like a unicorn for about a week
Wooly marmot: It wasn’t that bad but hurt when it happened
Speedaholic: hit me in the temple right before I started to write this post.

Yesterday I got bonked by my Sasquatch. Hurt like hell, and when I laugh it hurts as I’m stretching my forehead muscles. It made a really loud sound, like my skull cracked (but as far as I know, it didn’t).

Ya gotta learn to duck faster, son…


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This morning actually, I’M GUESSING I let too much slack string fall when I was flipping a brother slack, and my Cyborg shot up and clocked me right at the hairline.

I was wearing a hat, but it still left my skull sore enough for me to sit down for a while.

Also, cut to the end of this video

it was in the glasses, but it scared me a good bit

takes notes

Shutter, but not my current one.
Classics (two different ones)
and some other times that I just don’t remember what the yoyo was.

Hit myself with my Chief once, cut my head open right above my eye… Still got a scar there, not surprising considering how much I was bleeding. Head wounds bleed a lot!

Well the yoyo has to learn how to be slower, son

It happens to me all the time. When you flick start the yoyo out in front of you and you miss the string for the bind…o I don’t think you were talking about that head.

My innocence… Gone…

I was trying a horizontal combo in a pitch black room. Missed the initial mount and had a concussion for a month

good lord…


Yesterday I didn’t realize my revival had a knot… I threw it full force and it came back and clocked me in the head. Who was the Duncan guy that this happened to again? Brandon Jackson?

yes his name was Brandon Jackson and the video made it on fall army… i think the early january issue ot maybe it was the 2014 year recap… i cant remember and am too lazy to actually look.

I have it my self in the head with a yoyo many a time. But the worst clunk I had was with a knot. The yoyo hit me in the elbow and caused lots of blood. My dad who is a doctor told me I busted a vein. It hurt

Now, I was using MagicYoYo D5’s, plastics w/ metal rings like a protostar… Doing a 3A tangler… Let’s just say I didn’t think my yoyos could go that fast. I had a bump on my nose and my forehead for a week LOL

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My cypher had a slip knot, and I threw to sideways for a finger spin…ended up having a huge bruise on my arm… ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: