Well I did it, wacked myself upside the head

This AM paying more attention to my kids eating breakfast while throwing a double or nothing hit myself upside the head right on the temple. Was a good strong throw with a hitman X (lucky for rounded edges). Thumped me pretty good. Took me a few throws afterward before I could land a trapeze…

A good lesson. Always pay attention to flying metal objects around your head.


your not the only one

Welcome to the club

I had a snag in my Chief I didn’t feel one time and I threw it REALLY hard not paying attention. It hit me right in the center of my forehead, actually cut my head open… Now I’ve got a scar, and I have to tell anyone that asks that I hit myself with a yoyo

Happens >.<

I took a phenom to my head while trying to land the one YYE trick I still can’t do. Takeshi boing.

Welcome to the club! Yoyo kissed me once. Must be allergic to kisses because I got a fat lip.

Why oh why don’t the good people at Nerf produce a yoyo?


yoyo companies this needs to happen!!!

Cracked myself on the bridge of my nose a few weeks ago with my Bonfire, first time in 26 years I’ve ever hit myself in the face. 1/4" cut on my nose, took about 40 minutes to get it to stop bleeding.

The difference between you and me is that if that had been me, I’d have followed the ‘hit’ with a shameful display of crying and flailing followed by a brief collapse into a fetal position. Your self control is commendable.

Now when people ask you how you got that scar you can say in a hushed, fearful voice, “It was the Cheif. He called me a Slack and Boinged off Takeshi into my green triangle. I tried to escape the ladder but it was to no avail, he did a forehead laceration while I soiled my iron whipped panties. Thankfully Grandma Kimmet made me a Sandwich afterwards.”


I think everyone remembers their first yoyo injury. I learned the hard way never to put down a yoyo that is knotted under the assumption that you’ll remember it’s knotted next time. Took a Onestar to the lip for that mistake, and I’m very glad it wasn’t anything heavier or sharper.

Alecto I agree with yo^2, you took that hit like a boss. 8)

that didn’t hurt till about ten minutes later… then i had a headache

the worst “injury” that i have had besides REALLY bad string burn is doing counterweight.


The dice hit my toe.

I thought i died.

and then you sang this:


the video is better if you listen to it in half speed… just sayin

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Hahahahaha. I have done that also…


I dunno man… I think I’ve had so many I can’t remember anything. :smiley:

I really want to make the actual impact part of the video into a .gif

I’ve been hit in the head before, nothing too serious. I think the worst was taking one to the bag last weekend, I thought my life was over