Genji's 1a, and 2a blogography *New video added 3-8-12*

Hello everyone! My name is genji (not my real name, but that’s as far as you get unless we do a trade, and I’m forced to send you my name :smiley: extra brownie points if you can tell me where I got the name genji from!) Anyways,  I thought I would make this thread as a way to document my learning in both 1a, and 2a…technically meh looping/crap looping (right and left hand looping).

Let’s start with a little bit of a backstory…When I was just a Wee Child, I was abandoned on a door stoop in Queens…wait…that’s not my backstory…I think that was some from movie :-\ Anyways, my real backstory in yoyo’ing anyways began back in 2003. I started off with a fireball, because it’s what I remembered from middle school, then I read up on some other throws, my first real string trick yoyo was a Duncan Throw Monkey, and a month or so later, I ended up getting a speeder, which at the time didn’t help me much, because I didn’t know what binding was.

Anyways, long story short, learned some tricks, most advanced thing I learned was cold fusion, and Kwijibo, I attended a DXL meet where I got to meet Doc Pop (Talked to me for like 30 mins and showed me Gyroscopic Flop., super nice guy!) One of the dudes was going off to Iraq, forgot the dudes name, so that is why they were all meeting up. I met some cool people, and never saw them again. At this point in time, believe this was mid 2005 when that happened. I kept on throwing until February of 2006, when I saved up to order 2 Anti-Yo Eetsits, and shortly after, I stopped throwing, because I ended up moving from California, to Georgia.

Which brings us to December of 2011! I was helping my mom move some old stuff from her storage unit, when I happened to stumble upon a box with all of my old yoyo’s in it (including 2 mint Eetsit’s), and when I got home that evening went to see if I had any of my old skills down. I could do cold fusion, brain twister, mach 5, split the atom, and some other basic tricks. This was like December 20th of 2011, and I went online that night, believe it was the 21st of December when I joined here on YYE, and started trying to learn as much as I could, and ended up going to the chatroom a lot, and found a person (Preinfalk) that traded me 4 yoyo’s for one of my Eetsit’s. I didn’t know which yoyo’s were “hip and happening” so I decided to trade, and ended up getting 3 YYF throws; 888x, 2007 G5, 2.0, and an Anti-Yo Busine$$.

Now onto February 9th, at 3am while I write this, and tell you what I have learned since December of 2011. I have since learned up through all of the advanced section under the Learn tab, and most of the Expert level tricks. I’m still working on a few of the whips, and slack tricks. I can do Kamikaze, Kwijibo, Spirit Bomb, Hidemasa Hook, Ninja Vanish (not on Boulay’s list), Jade Whip, Laceration, Pop-N-Fresh, and others. I am currently working on And Whut? and just picked up a Yomega fireball right before Toys-R-Us closed last night(2/8). Forgot to mention, I have also become a very avid trader, and have about 17 trades under my belt (3 still waiting for feedback on) all within a month and a half lol. I ship priority and with insurance tho, so I’m awesome like that…Anyways, This is where our tale takes off, and my real journey begins.

My Goal is to become good enough to compete in contests, mostly 1a, and maybe 2a. Also, I bought a Go Big, but my journey for 4a has not started yet, and will be added to the blog, after I get a good handling down on 2a. I’d rather concentrate on just 1a, and 2a for the time being. Also, as of just getting a looping yoyo, I can do like 3-5 inside loops with my right hand, and 3 loops with my left. To be honest, I have never tried doing that much with my left hand if I didn’t have to, so learning to throw with my left hand is going to be quite the experience.

I will stop writing this blog entry for now, and promise you that I won’t write anything this long again unless you guys can win a prize or something at the end for doing it. Also, if anyone has actually read this whole thing through…then you must be insane, or really really really really bored! Thanks to the 2 people who read this, and the 5-10 people who skim it lol  Look forward to new entries daily (kept to a paragraph or 2 minimum of course!) and potential videos. I’m actually going to order my camera online as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m getting a Kodak Zx5, so look forward to videos shortly! Possibly video blogs, so you don’t have to read! Hooray for you guys!

Also, big shout out to my Peeps from the chat room! Preinfalk AKA Glacier Gangsta (he lives in Alaska :D), Crosswhite, mGodzilla AKA mgodinez…RAWR! and Kyo. Also…Rena AKA YoYoBot…I still hate you.
Also, big shout outs to all of the random people who ask one question in chat and then disconnect…you know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait sio do you have your cameras yet?

I just bought a Kodak Zx5 today at Best Buy! They had it on sale, matched with at $99.99. Also, in store it said $129.99 but I showed them their website, and they matched the price :slight_smile: I’m going to get a Tripod later tonight, because they were out of the display model tripod that I wanted. I may try and upload something basic tonight, or tomorrow once I figure everything out.

love reading these kinda stories, and i ook forward tio reading more!!

Thanks! :smiley:

I was going to try and upload my first video tonight from the camera I bought…BUT! After I charged it and powered it on, I had my tripod (that I also just bought) all set up to record, but noticed that there was a black spot on the LCD screen, so I went to wipe off the lens with a soft cloth made for cameras/laptops, and still the same thing, and there is nothing on the lcd screen at all. I googled it, and it looks like some how a piece of dust may have gotten under the lens…Anyways, It made me a bit mad, but the Best Buy is only a couple blocks from my house, so right when I wake up in the morning, I’m going to go down there and exchange it for another one, and open it before I leave to make sure it doesn’t have the same issue. I was all excited to record my first video…and then BAM! My plan was foiled again…if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids…and their dog!

Good news! I went to Best Buy today, and exchanged the camera for a new one, and powered it on before I left the store to make sure that it didn’t have the same problem as the other one did. I have a yoyo meet tonight, but I’m not going to bring it. I’ll probably end up recording my first video late tonight, or tomorrow, and create a youtube account. Any suggestions for a cool youtube channel name?

Genji? Seems like a good YouTube name lol

By the way here is exactly why you said you have genji as your name,

I’m frozen, I teach genji tricks because he’s awesome, my friend, and gives me rides to yoyo meets. He is an AWESOME player, he started yoyoing again when I met him in December 2011, and I’ve known him since then. He started taking an interest in 2a a week or two ago, and is progressing rapidly! In the future, you will see him tearing up contests.

wheres this video you’ve been hyping at at!?!?!?!?! lol

Yeah why all the hype without any uploads??

I have been working on a video, but it’s most likely only going to be a 30 second video of my 1a, and then a bunch of mess ups on my looping. I still haven’t fully gotten the whole looping thing down, I’m still working on it. I recorded some stuff tonight, and hopefully will have something up by tomorrow. Also, as a progress note, I have progressed in learning the trick ‘And Whut?’, and have been practicing my looping with my right hand, I’m getting a lot better than I used to be with my looping, but I still am horrible at it.

Also, as of Friday night, I just got a brand new pair of YYF Loop 900’s, which I almost broke the first night having them. It turns out in looping, I learned that you need to tighten your string every few mins, or else your yoyo’s will go flying, and hit the concrete :-\ I still haven’t gotten used to that yet, and for the 3rd time now, my neon green loop 900 has hit a hard floored surface. :’(

the video is private lol we cant see it

Sorry about that, I meant to make it unlisted :smiley: This is my first time being a youtuber, and not a youtubee.

Just so youi know it is unlisted meaning only people with the link can see it not regular hjoes browsing youtube

No worries!! Hey is that the dang i traded you?!?!?!

Yes, I know, I did that on purpose. This is just a test video, not one I want all of youtube to see. Hence, while I only posted the link to the video in this thread.

It sure is!

glad to see its gettin some love!!