General Yoyo Thoughts

I knew it been awhile but I didn’t realize til it snapped that it was 5 months with this string :grimacing:


It was such a good string…:face_holding_back_tears:
You never even saw it coming…:sob:


I’m having trouble letting it go haha. :smiling_face_with_tear: Vines hold tension really well. Usually I think it’s time to replace string when the tension gets annoying but that never really happened with this one so I kept using it. Makes me nervous about the one I put on my Papercut when I got it. Got to change that thing today.


Hyphenating “yo-yo” makes me furious


That’s why I let autocorrect do it for me. :grin::+1:


I don’t love packing and shipping yoyos, but I love using an exacto knife to remove mailing labels printed on paper and covered in clear packing tape…


Looking at a new yoyo, thinking how easy it will be to mod it to play the way I want it too…


Sometimes I really wonder how many people end up disliking a yoyo based purely on the response. Here’s a before and after photo of a yoyo that I siliconed last night. Notice around the bearing, you can see the pads raised above the response groove. It’s subtle, you wouldn’t immediately see it at a glance unless you’re specifically looking for it. But you really feel it in play no matter how subtle it looks.

I feel like I’ve gotten quite a few yoyos off the BST where the previous owner seemed like they really did not enjoy the yoyo, they thought the performance of the yoyo was abysmal. And when I get the yoyo in the mail, it has protruding response pads. So I’m left thinking to myself “No wonder you didn’t like this yoyo, why didn’t you swap out the response?”

It feels like people notice when response is too slippy for their taste, and will actually try swapping the pads if thicker string doesn’t help. But if people have a yoyo that dies way too quickly, or is permanently snaggy, if thinner string doesn’t solve the issue, they’ll just give up and say “bad yoyo.”


Getting that response the way I like it is the reason I tinker so much. I concur that a change to a more favorable response can completely change how enjoyable a throw is. The key is predictably. If you can’t trust it, you won’t throw it without restraint… and that’s going to cause it to behave badly. :grin:


More yoyo designers should design more MR85 unresponsives. I think there is huge potential.


For sure. I even want more A bearings again.

@mable i COMPLETELY agree about response.

It annoys how people hate on throws and don’t know how to make it their own.

I think the only throws I’ve left stock response in are my Motion ones. Props to @JEA86

I’m also so confused at how a lot of second yo-yos arrive at my door.
Them poor things been getting neglected and abused.

How you gonna have hair in the bearing? No wonder why you don’t like the yo-yo :rofl:
Protruding pads, gunky bearings, yo-yos screwed MAD tight.

Please take better care of your babies, people