Just got back into yoyo need some advice/pointers

Hey all! Just got back into yoyo and haven’t used one in a while (20 years) I’m only 29 but it seems like eons since I’ve played with a yoyo.

Anyway, I got a duncan pluse as a gift yesterday and, man am I rusty! For some reason it’s always spinning out and I can’t get it to sleep for more than a couple seconds and that’s rare it seems. It should be fairly easy to make it sleep no? I’m assuming it’s just user error and I just need to practice. I’ve spent more time winding it up and picking out knots than throwing so far!

Also the string seems really short on it, or i’m just really tall? (6’2") I watched the video that Andre has up about string and how long it’s supposed to be and it seems that the string that came with mine is somewhat short for me. Can I buy longer string?

All in all I have to admit that I’m super pumped to be throwin’ a yoyo again!!

Just checked out the hard throw video and gave that a shot. It seems the harder I throw it the more it wants to just pop back up fast!

I’m the same height as you, and I find that yo-yo strings are either just right or a bit too long. I prefer mine to be a little shorter than “normal,” though–I must have pretty long arms. You can buy new string right here at yoyoexpert. (It might be difficult to find locally.) Duncan replacement strings tend to be pretty long.

Hope I’ve been of some help, and enjoy your yo-yo’ing!

Ya that helped some thanks!

I’ve found though in the last couple hours that I’ve needed to loosen the string and I can throw quite decent sleepers. The problem is keeping the string that way.

Sorry to be such a noob pain in the a$$! I just haven’t thrown in forever and all the ball bearing trans axel stuff is new to me.

Firstly welcome bak to the world of yoyo great to have you. If you wish you could look into getting a better yoyo some beginner yoyo’s on this site can see you all the way to the master section on here, yoyos like the velicity or dark magic are great because of their adjustable gap and can be easily moddified if you think you want to.
On the string length issue you could always make your own here is a thread with some vids on making string.

i agree with Hardcore, you should get a yo-yo that’s a bit better

Thanks for the replies. I kinda figured that the pulse may be a bit “too” beginner. I’m gonna dig around and see what I can find around here where i’m from ( Winnipeg,Manitoba) before I go shopping online. Thanks a ton for the string making thread too that’s totally sweet!

It is gonna be very hard to find a yoyo that is more advanced locally, but go ahead and give it a shot.

If you end up buying things online, I would recommend getting the following…

*YYF Velocity - very adjustable yoyo that will grow with you as you learn more advanced tricks
*lots of string - when we get a knot, we just pop a new string on there. I prefer 100% polyester
YYJ Thin Lube - this will keep your bearing running smooth and it is always a good thing to have around
YYF K-Pads or CBC pads - if you don’t like online orders, you should get some of these because the ones that come stock on the velocity will wear out in a few months

*absolutely necessary

Welcome to YoYoExpert!

I’m in Winnipeg. Still throwing?

With the pulse you should be able to learn all the beginner tricks and some intermediate tricks in the learn section here. Just keep working on your throw. The pulse is actually a pretty good responsive yoyo. It’s what got me into yoyoing.


Wow! Two in a day…