string length

Started using Duncan 100% cotton strings and I heard that you were supposed to adjust the string your yoyo is from the floor to your belly button.
I tried it but it feels so short that I don’t really feel comfortable getting into mounts and such.
However, my string length right now goes from my chest to the floor and it’s a bit more comfortable but the string’s so long it keeps, my yoyo keeps on hitting things.

Am I just supposed to get used to the short string length?

There are a lot of things in yoyoing that can feel very weird at first but they are very easy to get used to.
Just play with short string for some time and pretty soon you will comfortable with it.
I use 100% poly YYE strings and I don’t feel need in longer or shorter string.
With short string yoyo won’t hit floor or ceiling (important to practice eli hops at home for example)
My advice is
1)Get used to shorter string
2)Buy poly strings(from YYE for example)
Most of people use them and they are more durable than cotton strings.

Just use standard. It’s fine, unless you put your arm out and the yoyo hits the floor. But I think if you’re comfortable with you, keep it.

I like my strings a couple extra inches past my belly button. like anywhere from 3-6 inches past. it’s really just personal preference. If I have a string that’s belly button length it feels too short to me.
Whenever I make my own string, I go for a few extra inches. or with yye poly, I just play it stock length.

#1: I wouldn’t recommend using 100% cotton string. It breaks very easily. I’d recommend 100% polyester, it is very strong and it is very “mobile” (moves easily (not stiff)).

As for your string length problem, you just have to try different string lengths until one feels good to you. I tend to like my string long (probably too long). I just use the string how it is “stock,” just because I’m to lazy to cut it every time I change my string. So just find a length that works well for you. In yoyoing, a lot of things fall down to preference. Good luck.