Strings are mine to short

i watch vids and people always have plenty of sting to do their tricks but i barley have enough to do stuff like triple or noting so black hops are Xtra hard i usually just use what ever i was sent in those 6 count bags from YYE… so am i doing sum ting wrong or am i not getting the right size string and whats a way to measure if your string is to short/long or just right…

The ideal string for 1A comes up to your belly button.

Also, most people you see seems like long string, but its really not. My best advice to you would be just keep trying. If you get used to it, you will be alright. Also, a lot of people say shorter string helps them be smoother.

Yea, I played with my string long like a month ago---- It seems easy but if you cut it it’s better! It may feel wierd to cut so short but you’ll get used to it!


i’m like 1.85 meters tall, which is like a bit more than 6 feet. My string does not reach all the way to the floor from my belly button. I wouldn’t say that it’s a problem for me. In fact it’s just an inch shorter than the “belly button” length. This string length is great, Not that i can do anything about it. Since I use the full length of the string which comes in the package. I think most people will end up with little string left when they do triple or nothing.

If you want a non-serious answer:

Work out, stunts your growth (that is, if you havent gone through your growth spurt yet ;))

i believe that string length is a preference thing i have yoyos with long string and short string but my favorite is between my belly button and my belt buckle generally the knot is just above my belt buckle try out different lengths their is no really perfect length though

ive experimented with really short and really long, the really long one came to have the name low rider, and it was just something funny about it, a yoyo string 7 foot long, pretty funny.

Yea, JD had this problem thats how he got so ripped :wink:

well i personally love to work with long string but not to long cause i just think theres more slack and smoothness but it may be different for you? try make three different lengths and test each one out and see wich you like better :wink:

exactly, play with it, have fun, i mean it is a hobby after all…