General Yoyo Thoughts

I do one at a time, in that I don’t have pre-cut strings at the ready. I do have several yoyos strung up at any one time, though.

It’s interesting you ask this, I’ve been considering doing several strings at once, to try to get consistent lengths. I struggle with cutting them the same length. Especially given the stretch factor.


It does make for a little more consistent string length, but unless you’re taking the time to actually measure each one out before you cut and tie they’re always gonna be a little off. I don’t have a specific go-to length or anything, long as it’s close to the middle/bottom of my sternum I’m good lol. I prefer slightly longer for 1a and a little shorter for 5a and fixie


My Hydrogen Crash needs new response pads, a new bearing, new everything. Have had bad luck with strings and am generally in a rut


I was visiting my folks this afternoon and both of them felt the need to point out the fact that all my tricks look the same as last time they saw me, and that they’re waiting for a routine synced to music. So if anyone needs me I will be at home practicing 12 hours a day nonstop for the next oh idk, year or so. I guess it’s World’s or bust in this family.

I hope everyone knows they were just messing around and so am I, didn’t mean for it to sound so serious or like I was really gonna start grinding every day like that lol. It is good motivation to keep learning new stuff all the time though. I get too comfy with what I already know


Didn’t you bounce one off your Dad’s Shelby? :joy:


Flying Panda to the windshield from about 50-60 ft up. Cracked and split it in all different ways, one of the worst days of my life. :joy:


Fun yoyo story today - First off, I work at a theme park. Park was open tonight and I decided to take advantage of it being open and hit up some rides after I got off work. As I was walking with one of my friends and showing him some tricks, I see this other random guy with a yoyo. When I see somebody else with a yoyo, it’s a calling. I walked by and was throwing some sleepers when he noticed. Turned out, it was a father of a 6-year-old kid who was playing with it while waiting for his kid to get off the ride. We chatted a bit and waited for his kid to get off. Had a 6-year-old learning thrower who had a decent throw and bind. Always a fun surprise when you run into other folks with yoyos…it’s hard to come by.


I have never seen someone playing in the wild. I imagine it would be immediate best friends lol


We all know how satisfying that super snappy bind is, but something I dont see mentioned is a really good clap on the catch. Only happens when theres a nice strong (hopefully snappy af) bind, then you have to execute a catch with a perfectly shaped hand to cup the yoyo and make the clap. Sounds and feels like a perfect hi-five.

V nice every time

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Right! It’s really frustrating to me when I do a nice combo and seemingly perfect bind only to have the yoyo bounce off the palm of my hand. It’s the same for me with anything athletic that requires some kind of thing to be caught.

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Everybody always talks about how good ti/steel sound on binds, but nobody ever mentions how they sound like flicking a half empty can of soda on the catch.


Had that video on a loop for a little bit, lots of nice yoyo noises in there lol. I love Ti yoyo sounds lol, they even amplify the sound of the outer race of the bearing during over/underpasses