General Yoyo Thoughts

Never really thought of it that way before. But yeah I guess at the point where you’re intentionally adding brass in the middle of an aluminum yoyo to increase center weight, that’s not much different from using brass/steel to increase rim weight.

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Had that thought this morning during some quiet introspection lol


All 6061 yoyos with side effects are also bimetal. Coz side effects are 7075.


I had a debate in my head on that one, does a different alloy count as a different metal? I didn’t know where that distinction lies so went with the lower hanging fruit lol

To me they are very different alloys

My programming approach to 7075 is also quite a bit different from 6061, feeds and speeds, material staining, tooling and stepovers.

Very different😊

But i guess the claim is that alloys are a combination of metals… i just call material by its name haha


I mean the mowl hybrid is a hybrid but all plastic. But yeah. Debatable.

oh they are very different alloys with very different material properties. my hesitation on calling 7075 vs 6061 a different “metal” hinges upon them both being aluminum. a similar situation is like T5 and T6 titanium alloys used in Ti yoyos, but they’re still considered titanium yoyos.

Our metal recycling guys will ding lots of value off an entire container of chips if they find even a little 7075 mixed inside 6061 (vice versa) without it being labeled “mixed.”

To them (and as a result us too) will definitely call them different metals. I can only offer perspective from my experience, though.


your experience is likely more valuable than mine lol. i was just explaining why i posed the quesiton, and i think you’ve given a great answer here. 6061 SE yoyos are also bi-metal yoyos =]

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Something is coming out with a new Phenom!


Just a little quote i need to share:
Since my stepdaughter started throwing, her friend also occasionally plays around with a responsive yo-yo. My stepdaughter always wants to teach her some tricks, but she’s not really interested. She simply enjoys just going up and down (I’m thinking about gifting her a looper or a fixed axle). Today, they had a little discussion about throwing once again. I didn’t follow their whole conversation, but at some point, my stepdaughter’s friend said:
“Binds are for people who are too lazy to wind up their yo-yos!”


shame…that’s…that’s just shame right there :laughing:

i think she has the whole thing backwards :rofl:

well if your going to wind up your yoyo you might as well do it in style :sunglasses:



What are their ages?



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She may have found doing a bind too difficult and would rather avoid it altogether. I avoided unresponsives for my first few years.


today i realized that i need to take a break from yoing due to burnout


Gross man, don’t post stuff like that here…

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I’ve been kind of feeling a little burnt out lately too. Not enough to want to take a break though, but definitely not feeling the motivation to practice and learn new stuff like I used to have.

A lot of my motivation came from seeing my friends on discord improving, and wanting to match their progress and exceed it. They all put down their yos to focus on other hobbies though, so now I’m just kinda playing by myself, and the motivation to improve just isn’t here.


I feel that way at timea yet I gotta have a yoyo in my pocket all the time. Take a break. Do other things. Enjoy life!

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I wonder how many modern yoyos (2015 and later releases) that have been panned as being “boring” are going to have their reputation do a complete 180 in the next 5-10 years.

Which ones will end up being underappreciated standout releases from a brand, which ones will end up as collector novelties, and which ones will just stay lost and forgotten in the ocean of modern yoyo releases?