General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Will do!
So stoked!!! ;D ;D ;D


Got my Legato in the mail, and I’m impressed! It’s super stable and spins for days, yet moves around the string fairly quickly. The bearing is awesome and virtually silent, easily the quietest bearing I’ve ever used. It’s also really different and a lot lighter than what I’m used to, but it’s only my second bi-metal. So far I’m having a blast throwing the Legato, and I’ll need to spend more time with it to take advantage of it’s finer attributes.



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It’s been since Nationals and this yoyo is still in my legitimate top spot and daily carry.



Shipping this week to yoyoyexpert!
Limited numbers of the Mini-Star2.
Ever have a pocket yoyo with you, and someone asks to see a trick? Pocket throws usually limit your ability to land good stuff. You will be amazed at this one! 2 stainless steel rings that weigh 7.8 grams each, pressed into a nicely blasted 7075 aluminum body. Mega spin time for this little gem, along with stability, and maneuverability to land things you thought were only possible on a full size.
• Diameter: 48.7mm
• Width: 36.45mm
• Gap: 4.2mm
• Weight: 60.5 grams
• Bearing: Centering
• Response: Gen19 Slim Pads


Don’t sleep on the Mini-Star 2, it’s absolutely amazing! A lot of minis fall into the trap of feeling likes rocks on the string, definitely not the case here!


Wow the mini 2’s look absolutely amazing! Any similarity in play to the original or the 5 star? I’ve been looking to replace the mini and 5 stars I regrettably sold!


I just threw all of my Star throws to try and figure out how they specifically differ, and to me the Ministar 2 feels like a slightly more nimble and floaty version of the original Ministar. I wouldn’t say there’s much similarity to the 5-star, but that’s to be expected simply due to their size difference.


I love the blue colors! So pretty :slight_smile:


GenYo always has the best blues in my opinion


His blues are OK…I prefer his hard rock and metal especially when he jamming with that Alex fella.


The sky blue on my Legato is absolutely gorgeous, I definitely agree.


HAHA! Good one bro!




FINAL 50 piece special 10th anniversary run of the mini-star2 on the way here at YYE.

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Woaw! That’s just fantastic E! A decade of General Yo has been so awesome…can’t wait to see the next decades’ models & materials…Congradulation General Yo!


8PM tonight!