Fun Project in the works

First things first, Many many thanks to @chaosgow for the help with getting this project even started and off the ground using his mad CAD skillz!! This could’ve never been possible without his help….!!!

Anywho I’ve been dreaming about a capped yo-yo with anime inspired engravings on it, since I feel like there’s a lack of anime in yo-yos :smiling_face_with_tear:
So I thought why don’t I make something instead of waiting for someone to make it instead.

So for specs

55mm Diameter
54mm Width
4.6mm gap
10mm axle
7068 Body and Cap
Grade 2 to rims

Definitely bigger but who cares right??

I have Kaiga Marine working the graphic that’s going to be on the caps! Here’s a rough sketch

Anywho please do leave any thoughts you have!


Was a lot of fun to work on this with you. You really know what you want <3


three metal pieces ?
shape looks sleek, hope the art turns good

54mm! The yo-yo I use is 43.75! This throw also looks very clean! Good job

We have an update on the art, I hope this will be possible
This is the final sketch of the center and is just missing one or two small details


i wasnt expecting the rough sketch to turn into a genshin impact character :upside_down_face:

This is just for the first one, I’m planning that later yo-yos will have a more general anime design or refernce other anime
Reason I went with Genshin is, well it’s something I wanted to see happen and thought it would be funny :grin:

Final graphic design I believe



Wow! That looks amazing!! :star_struck:

Updated renders