Free solo vs top deck

I’ve had all of those you mentioned free solo, top deck, and thorn

I’d say if you are wanting a more ‘well rounded can do all the tricks to think of’ yoyo I’d go with the free solo

If you like organic shape with all the similar features (fingerspins are a bit harder i’d say only) then i’d go with the top deck

both are fantastic yoyos and worth trying if you can but lots more people seem to gravitate to the top deck on the forums but normally also lots recommend free solo as well so not really losing on either pick!

probably just pick the color/shape you like best and likely to enjoy!


The Top Deck is great but I have had trouble keeping silicone in the slim response groove. If that matters to you.

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Free Solo is something special for sure


now we wait 2 weeks


You should really like those!


they came, really happy with them

will say the kamuraiju is the better performer


Finally caved to the advice and got a top deck also
(which you may be able to see i have already dinged)
it is very powerful, but need to wait for the weather to cool down from 80+f to form a true opinion


I love them both. But find myself going to the free solo more. But they are all good

Free Solo clears all yoyos mentioned in this thread


Top deck on TOP

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I got a Top Deck too now! I did notice that dead starts on the TD after the bind don’t feel as tight. I was thinking maybe the response silicone needs some time to break in. Also feels the yoyo takes a bit of getting used to.

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