Better off getting a Top Deck or Benchmark?


I can either afford a solid color top deck or a splash benchmark o with a second set of side effects. Thoughts?


I would go with the topdeck if it was my money.


Apologies that this is in the wrong place. Ugh. I’m on mobile.


Top Deck, easily one of the best yoyos released this year. So under priced. Was just talking to a friend how if the Top Deck was released by a few other companies you’d probably have to put a 1 in front of the price. It’s really, really good!

The Benchmarks are really good as well, crazy that One Drop can get the prices where they do, and keep them there!

But for the money I don’t know of a single yoyo on the market that can top the Top Deck for what you are getting.


Top deck :ok_hand: and they just got the gold ones​:+1::blush:

(major_seventh) #6

Top Deck.


Easily Topdeck




Top Deck for sure or wait for the Kraken


No questions top deck. What is the kracken?


Top Deck. My favorite throw from One Drop


New One Drop


What about the Prescription? I know it’s new, there aren’t really any reviews out yet, but it looks pretty rad, too.