Free cookie if you can help me?

So I saw this video right here. and was VERY attracted to the red yoyo and string the guy was using at 0:51 and thought that I would love one of those. But the only red yoyos that I know of are the Duncan Strix, Benchmarks, and the CZM8. However that yoyo that he uses seems like an unshiny throw. The metals ones that I mentioned are kinda shiny. Even though I might be picky or loosing my marbles, that yoyo looks like its kind of unreflective to light, which seems a bit cooler to me. Does anybody know what kind of yoyo this is or even list a few more plain red throws for me to look at? Thanks!

Looks a bit like a Gen Yo M10. They do have a pretty heavy blast finish which takes a lot of the shine away and gives the yoyo a nice powdery feel in the hand.


Onedrop 54?

Considering the fact that it is a slusny video it may have an Aero Yo.

Could very well be a solid OD such as the Code 2, 54, CHIK, Burnside

I’m gonna go with either a General Yo Model 10 or a Henry’s M1.

Doesn’t look like it’s any of the One Drops that are mentioned. The yoyo doesn’t appear to have Side Effects in it. The center hub looks more like nipples, kind of like the Turning Point Basilisk.

The trick at 1:38 is a CZM84VK Slusny Edition, I know for a fact. I have one. But that yoyo is good.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Sasquatch. Pause it right when he’s about to throw, the ring and nipple look very similar to a Sasquatch like the middle one in this photo:

EDIT: It may be a Redbike edition like this one:

Double Edit: Just figured out that Redbike is actually an Avalanche. But this is what I believe the yoyo to be:

Yeah, I considered it to be a few of these yoyo’s, but the yoyo’s mentioned are just shiny compared to his. Oh well, thanks for the help guys, I now know some more red yoyo’s that I would like!

The video has red with black speckles.
Redbike Sas or Ava, as others mentioned is 99% likely.

Very irregular colorway, almost no one attempted it.