Bakemono Thoughts

Not really a review, but codinghorror had asked for my thoughts about it, so I thought I’d put them here:

I haven’t quite found the love for it TBH.

It plays nice, but I have trouble getting a good throw. It seems to just roll slowly off the string, and not get much spin generated. It really kicks back on a front throw.

Someone told me to really throw harder, and flick with the wrist. I’ve tried that a bit, and it helped, but my arm started to hurt pretty quickly.

I’m going to give it a couple more tries, but I may end up letting this one go.

Sorry if I seem too negative about it. I know it’s probably mostly user error, but that’s my experience so far. I’ll update if my feelings change.

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I find you have to hold larger yo-yos like the Bakemono/mega crash/new sasquatch a little differently when throwing them.

I don’t have one with me to really analyze how i’m doing it, but I kind of pull my finger away and unwind the string an inch or two so it’s not so close to my hand when I release it. Try letting it go a little earlier in the throw too.


Thanks. I’ll try that.

I really want to like this yoyo, and I feel the throw is all that’s holding me back.

Any updates yet?

Garrett’s suggestion of having the middle finger not completely snugged into the yoyo, along with just spending some more time with it, helped a lot.

I can now get a good spin without hurting my arm.

This will never be my favorite yoyo, but I never expected a yoyo like this to be that anyway. It is fun, playable, and different now, and that’s exactly what I expected it to be!

Try throwing the 57g yoyo you got from me afterwards. The contrast would feel huge!

Ha! I’ll have to try that. They are in different locations, so I’ll need to bring them together.