Forum Creepers it's your time to shine

Hey everyone,

I believe there are a lot of people that spend a significant amount of time reading in the forums and almost never post anything. I believe this because I am usually one of those people (in fact I almost deleted this post twice before I posted it). Anyway, we read a lot but we never actually say anything often because we think that we have nothing to add or because we think it will come across stupid or lame. So I just wanted to make a post that would allow everyone to be able to post without feeling lame, dumb, or insignificant. So if you are a forum creeper that reads but never posts I would love it if you would post here a link or a description to your personal favourite colourway you have ever seen on a yoyo.  We all have preferences so this is a safe way to post ;).

I will go first. My favourite colourway I have ever seen on a yoyo is the Plaid madhouse compulsion
Because it’s so different from everything else and it’s plaid how can you not love that.

If not this then probably Blue with Black splash. I am huge fan of this colour combo… possibly because my first high end metal was this colourway…

PS if you are not a forum Creeper you may still post on this. I am genuinely curious to find out what other people like in a yoyo appearance.  :slight_smile:

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Hope this link works. If not then it is the khizaru color way on the evilyo. I thought the color way looked even better on the evilyo than it does on the gelada

My favorite colorway I’ve come across has to be the Chesterman Beach blue acid wash color on the peak. Blue is my favorite color and the way that yoyo looks is just stunning.

Not a lurker at all, complete opposite but here is mine as of late-

Black/Silver Acid W/ Orange Center

I got the last one :_) I’m soooo happy  ((((((((:)))))))

Mine would be one of the following:
28 Stories
The orange black acid wash on the nova
Any of the evil yo colorway
Jack rabbit (at least I think that’s what it’s called). It’s the one with a black base and pink acid wash or speckle. It’s on CLYW throws.

Reading without posting is called lurking.

Never be afraid to ask a question or state something.


sooo many color ways to choose from. I have no Idea, if anything maybe a deep purple with yellowish greenish splash.

All of these are one offs, but they are the best looking finishes I have EVER seen in my lifespan of yoyoing.

I like this one, too. :slight_smile:

That Harlequin Sumo that jeffreypang posted (the multicolour one on the metal stand) was the exact yoyo I thought of when I read this, even though, like he said, it’s a one-off and not a production colorway. I also really like the pink/black acid wash SPYY Addiction, as well as both the HSpin Good and Evil 2 and 3 (dual-shade purple with black rings, dual-shade green).

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Old school! Good to see you’re still throwing.

Thanks, Jeffrey. Good to see you’re still around as well.

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For some reason I feel obligated to post here.

I’m really liking the “Jungle Boogie” colorway on the recent Geladas.

MonkeyfingeR’s anodizing is AMAZING.

Burning ember on the code 2
Mizaru on the evil
Fade to jade on the code 1


White with blue and green splash

Gold. Nickel. C3yoyodesign Capless.

I really like nickel plated, raw, and powder coated