Forum Creepers it's your time to shine


I used to never post but then I started posting in the unrelated and started to get to know people. I suggest posting in the unrelated or in the chat room where people are more goofy.

So far my favorite.


I just saw this yoyo from crazycanucksa’s post. It instantly became my favorite color way. It looks so cool and no other yoyo has anything similar.


Pekka’s colorway :slight_smile:


Sorta been lurking more than usually a few weeks ago. I really like the aware team edition colorway

(YoYo_Freak) #25

I like silver/raw/clear anno and C3’s acid washes.


Hey Yossarian, I still have the caps you drew for me at Worlds, haha. They’re also still in that weird recessed Throw Monkey with the heavy gray paint stuff on the inside.


The white with green and blue splash, I think I’ve seen it on a cascade


Yes sirrreee.

I’m not a creeper.


I’m not really a forum creeper, but there are a couple of color ways I like.

CLYW- Hot Lava, Meteroid, Asteroid

One Drop- Dragonslayer, Fade to Jade

VSNYYC- The Works, Retro

And MonkeyFinger does amazing ano jobs.


Ha, I remember that. Good times. It’s good to see you’re still around too.