Formula For Sleep times

With so many topics on long sleep times, i have derived a formula.
It goes like this:
Sleep time= Strength of throw
( yoyo (<x))
Angle of the yoyo tilt

The last part means that the yoyo will help too a certain extend. :wink:

Well you have to factor in if the bearing has a lot of lube in it too. The rim weight also has a lot to do with it. The main think is your throw though. Tilt can be fixed.

Yeah, the bearing plays a big part of the spin time.
Bearing size?
How clean is the bearing?
How much lube does it have?
Is it new/is it a piece of junk?

But I really do like the idea, lol! ;D

why overthink it? just play…


Yeah, just know that a good throw will give a good sleep.

If you divide by the angle the yo-yo is “tilting” off it’s y-axis, then your formula postulates that most players will have a sleep time of 0watts/degree. Not only does this not have any relevance to the rpms (which ultimately could calculate the sleep time), but obviously the formula contradicts the known fact that a straight throw will sleep the longest. I’ll just ignore the last part, lol. There’s the long answer.

The short answer is:

See what happens when I over-think stuff? I give you a long explanation instead of yo-yoing. Sad times.

Here’s my equation.
Sleep time=Buddha King 2+your throw.

This equation is false.

This equation is a statement that isn’t supposed to be true.

you just failed :stuck_out_tongue:

All i know is that 1+1=3.


1+1= 11 ::slight_smile:

You roll your eyes, but 1+1 can equal 11 in a certain situation.

2+2=fish and l+l=window.

1+1 could = 13 too. Or 24… I could go on…

My Equation

Sleep Time= X second (1 Minute/60 Seconds) + [Angle of Throw{Weight(V-V/t+ String Length -(Wind Speed + Wind Direction + Air Resistance)}/ G x M x M/d2] + m x v

My Equation

Sleep Time= Good Throw
Fixed :wink:

Your equation ends in [minutes + degrees(kg)(m/s)/(seconds + meters) - (m/s + degrees + mu)]/[m/s2(kg)(kg}]/(m2) + (kg)(m/s)]

Lol. No.

Lol. What’s wrong about it? :stuck_out_tongue: