Flowable Silicone Cracks in Yoyos

Hey buddy, here is the deal with our SNOT. The trick to storing it is to just put it in a zip lock and put it in the fridge. Do your best to get as much air out as you can. Make sure everyeone in your house know that its in there though LOL. Each tube does between 10-15 yoyo depending on how deep the flow groove is. It will stay good for around 10-12 months. I’ve had it stay allot longer but i always keep it in a ziplock. When assembled the SNOT will be to long for the bag it comes in so use a sandwitch bag.

As for where to get it from. I’ve instructed every store to always keep it in a fridge while it is at the store. I always keep ours in a fridge so i know it is fresh. Both YYE and YYS both recieved a fresh supply around a month or so ago so everything should have fresh stock.



Is it good practice to store all flowable in the fridge?

Hey @CosmicCaleb - glad you mentioned the price as we did fix the price on the SNOT here (so should match what you see on MonkeyFinger website or elsewhere, etc)

As @MonkeyFingerYOYO mentioned key is to keep it stored air tight, etc. We keep SNOT in the fridge before shipping it too just because if it gets too hot that could cause it to dry - so it just avoids heat causing an issue with storage, etc. (And we keep smaller batches at a time so its fresh, etc). :blush:


The only problem I’ve ever had with storing silicone is the cap cracks from overtightening. Which in turn dries out the whole tube.

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What to buy flowable silicone or yo-yo pads?

Can I buy any glass sealant?

Should work fine for you. Clear flowable windshield/glass repair silicone. As long as its marketed that way you should be good.

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Can we also use rtv silicone for yoyo pads?

I just replied to your other post. RTV is grippier than the flowable. Flowable you squeeze in the recess and use a credit card or tge like to smooth it out. The areas outside the response can be cleaned later. The Red RTV you have to sorta force into the response area since it doesnt flow. Then I went my finger and press it in as I rotate it. Sorta like I was wiping it out, but the water keeps a barrier so it doesn’t stick to you. Rub excess away after it dries.


Wait did those silicone stickers I mailed you still not arrive? That is a bummer if so :frowning:


yes did not arrive. Do you have tracking no?if have PM me.

It was an envelope with stamps, so no…


many packages are lost. so i cannot say anything. i think i should go for car silicone from now on.

Do you know the estimated time for that from usa to india?


ahh I tried SNOT once but messed up with setting the tube up and the tube exploded :sweat_smile:

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@shubham24121996 eventually got the 2nd set of silicone stickers I mailed him with the printed address label… my suspicion is that India doesn’t like my serial killer handwriting and I can’t say I blame them.

But also since then, I experimented with flowable and it’s … pretty easy, if a bit labor intensive vs. stickers.


Yes @codinghorror sended me 6 pads 1 big pad and 5 small pads.the trick to use any pads on the yoyo is to cut the pads in half.


I know you probably can’t go into specifics but what sort or changes, beside adding color, does your formula use when compared to say permatex 83170?