Flowable Silicone not working properly

I’ve been using permatex flowable silicone and it hasn’t been working right. After I let the silicone dry and start to use it either pieces of it chip off and get into my bearing or it just comes out altogether. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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I had the same problem when I tried using flowable silicone (I don’t remember what type it was). I even tried using glue, but I gave up after three or four attempts.

There was a big topic about this recently

There are some good brands of silicone out there. Whenever I shop for the stuff I ask for help from the hardware department/store on which brand is built to last. I generally get “all material” “built to last” “extra tough” etc. There are some flowable fillers that are terrible, but when you get it right it is magical.

Personally I think your product isn’t cutting it. I wish I could remember a brand that works for me, but I just recently picked my throws back up.

If youre set on using flowable I highly recommend monkey snot. I have had no problems with it and it is super grippy and makes very tight binds.


+1 for monkey snot. Just ordered a new tube myself. Ive gone through several now. Great stuff!!