Flowable Silicone question

About a month ago my stock response pads for my Dark magic II came out, so I just super glued them back in, they lasted about another two weeks before they just started falling apart and basically disintegrated. Then I went to a local hardware store and picked up some Flowable Silicone Windshield/glass Sealant, put it in, and waited a day for it to cure, at first it worked great, but then after a short bit one of them shredded apart till there was nothing left. I figured I may have just did it wrong so tried again, same effect. After going through about five attempts I’m left with nothing else to do but ask for help. If anyone knows why this is happening I would greatly appreciate the help or any advice. Thank you.


  1. Make sure the recess is free of debris by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol or something similar.

  2. I recommend RTV silicone, not sure what exactly you’re using.

  3. Use something (spoon, eraser, your finger, etc.) to smooth out the silicone and make sure it is as even as possible. This may take a few tries.

  4. Let dry for 24 hours (I know you said you waited a day, but that could mean 12 hours, 24 hours, or just sun up to sun down).

I would guess that you did not let it dry long enough, the recess was not clean, or you just weren’t using the right type of silicone.

Best of luck.

I’ve used the Permatex flowable Windshield repair stuff for a good long while, and it has never shredded up on me. Maybe a bad batch? Or if it wasn’t the Permatex stuff, maybe that particular brand just isn’t the right kind of formula despite sharing the same description/purpose? Or one of the other suggestions-- less than clean recess, for example. Maybe some of the superglue residue did something funky?

Yea use the rtv silicone and use a note card to smoothen it out you can find a tutorial on it on yoyoworkshops channel on YouTube use the notecard like in the video it will get as even as possible


I am using Permatex flowable, my thought too had been superglue residue causing issues, and thought of using alcohol to clean but was worried about weakening/damaging the plastic.

That shouldn’t be a problem if you just use a small amount for a short period of time.

Just like, dab it with a qtip or? And to answer a question I forgot to in my last post, a day as in a full 24 hours.

Neither alcohol nor lighter fluid (zippo) will hurt the plastic.

Neither will not? So they both will then?

That’s a really confusing sentence. I’m not usually picky about grammar as long as the information is understandable. This is unclear.

Fixed - they do not hurt plastic.



I’m wondering if the groove on a DMII is deep enopugh for flowable…

I’ve poured a lot of silicone, but I’ve never tried it in a DMII, and I’m thinking that’s the issue.

Just sayin…

It’s deep enough.

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