First YoyoExpert Purchase?

For all you YoyoExpert frequents:

What was your first YoyoExpert purchase, and how many times have you bought anything from YoyoExpert?

I just purchased (my first of many, hopefully) my first item at YoyoExpert. I convinced my parents that the site was safe (I know it is, but some people think only Amazon if safe) so I bought some YYF string for my project I’m doing. Super excited! Hopefully in the near future, I can get that CZM8 I’ve been pining for :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

What was your first purchase and why?

my first was a gm from here and i usually order from here five times a year wish it was more though.

My very first purchase was a FAST 201 (My only other yoyo was a Red Fast 201 and I didn’t know what would be good for me so I got the Neon Pink Fast 201 because I knew I’d like it; I did sell it later on though) and the Duncan Pro Z (so my little bro could begin his journey as well).

Ghost Edition DMII, 25 pack slick 6 strings, First Word holster.

Had a few since then, mostly strings. I hardly buy new yoyos since I discovered the BST forums.

My first order was the Deep Space Summit with 50 dark blue expert strings.

Since then I have made 3 more purchases. Bapezilla.2, Prague Pack, and Markmont. Classic, plus some extra like string or monkey snot with each order.

I don’t plan on any more purchases for a while, but who knows. If another mystery pack happens, that’s almost a guaranteed purchase. Otherwise, I’m really content with my current collection, and nothing else that I really want is in stock anyways. Which my wallet is completely okay with, haha.

Mine was a Shinwoo Zen 4, and a pack of 25 strings in yellow. :stuck_out_tongue:

a Stackless grind machine and 25 cotton strings (not knowing that they aren’t Very good)

Aqua DV888 and 25 purple poly strings
An undersized yo-yo really appealed to me for some reason.

Mine was a Large Contest Bag back in February. I’ve done 7 orders so far this year. At least a couple more orders probably, if certain items are released by the end of the year :slight_smile:

My first purchase was for my brother - the YYJ Go Big, and I bought it for him because it was his birthday present. Umm… The first yoyo I actually bought myself was the Duncan Throw Monkey. It was bad. The first yoyo I bought online was the YYF Onestar, since it was an unresponsive at a good price.

Happy Throwing!

my first YYE order was a green plastic grind machine and some monkey snot. Since then I’ve ordered many times (increasing in value too :o ), and I’ve never had a single issue. You can’t go wrong with André and crew.

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so true. once my yoyo i had just bought stripped and they fixed it.

OG YYF One. I thought they were rare and were gonna sell out, so I jumped the gun and my Dad bought it for me. The agreement was that I was to practice guitar for 40 days straight and receive the throw then. It was my first unresponsive, and being able to practice plastic whip was SO fun.

Sigh, I don’t really get the “fun” experience in yoyoing anymore. Like when Superman seemed like the world’s most impressive and hardest trick to me, or when I first landed Spirit Bomb I was ecstatic!

Awhile back I was like, “Hm, I should learn Superman just for fun.”

Learned it in about 30 minutes. :-\

Those were good days… I just don’t get that excited “fun” feeling about yoyos anymore. I mean, making up flowy combos and tricks is fun, but it’s not the same.

I feel really bad to say I have only ever purchased something from Yoyoexpert maybe 5-7 times. The most I ever spent was $60 on a 4th of July Sale.

My first purchase was probably, if I remember correctly, either a plastic grind machine or some string/accessories.

No way…


First order was 200 worth of string and the 2nd order was a space cowboy and some monkey finger lube

My first YYE purchase was a Monkeyfinger Evil Yo and a 100 pack of yellow nylon Kitty string.

My first ever purchase was Zen 4 with neon green YYE bulk string. I was SO EXCITED. I had just started yoyoing the month before and getting a metal yoyo I went crazy. I remember thinking the yoyo was broken because it became responsive. At the time my explanation was “the bearing seat is probably to small so its not spinning.” Now that feels like such a childish moment XD

Wow! $200 on a new site? :o

Everyone has gone through that moment where you buy an unresponsive and think it’s not working right xD
Happened when I got my YYF Whip

limited edition cyborg, kitty fat stringz, and a diffusion intended for review purposes but never done