New here and need some help.

Hi everybody,

I’m new here as you see. And need a little bit help with buying my first yoyo.

But first a little introduction. I’m Cliff, 26yrs old, from the netherlands and since a short while i’m playing kendama. Yoyo on the other hand alsways had my intrest, back in the days when you had those Twix, Skittles and golden (competition reward) yoyos i was a huge fan and played it for some time until everybody forgot about it and moves on (including me). And now many years later i still watch videos about it and decided i’m just going to give it a try.

Now i want to buy a yoyo but can’t decide what to buy. I read the forum about it but my choise of buying one isn’t very big. The website i want to buy one from got some choise but not very much. Can somebody please take a look and help me decide what to buy? And also what string etc i need to add to my first buy. What i want to achieve… I like all those single yoyo string tricks ^^

This is the website where i want to buy one.

(There was a link here thats not allowed here. Sorry about that.

Thank you allready!

Since the website that sponsors this forum is it’s generally a good idea to only reference them.  You may want to contact the other website if you are ordering from them.  Or just remove the reference and post your question in the “Looking for help section.”  Or just browse that forum.  Lots of people post this exact same question when they are starting out like you are.

Here, order here they have the most.

Get a Dark Magic 2 get a 25 pack (or less) of 100% polyester string. (I recommend YYE String) also pick up a bottle of Thin and Thick lube for the two bearings it comes with.

With this yoyo a 25 pack of string and lube you can learn every trick on this site. The teacher Andre Boulay’s uses a older version of this yoyo which wasn’t as good as the new one. And if he can reach every trick here with the older one, you will definitely be able to learn them all with the new one :).

This is what I did a few months back. Do it.

So after a month i still don’t have a yoyo yet (money problem). But times are changing when post in a other forum someone told me he got a yoyo for me to have, a yyf popstar and never used. Now i know it’s a small yoyo but all better than nothing. He says if i can make it bind the first day one video he got a better yoyo for ne to have :p. Looking forward to the challenge!

if money is really a problem (assuming you still need a throw) check out psg, or classic. With a little modification they can handle some heavy stuff

I would recommend a yomega dash, it’s a GREAT begginer player, and when you get better, you can silicone it (very simple process), and make it unresponsive. TO THIS DAY I constantly use my Dash, even though I own a good 12 high quality metals