Finger vs. String

As of late I’ve been using more and more of my free time to practice yoyoing (if that’s the right verb, yoing? no idea) and it’s starting to wear a little on my throwing finger. I’d been banking on forming some kind of callous like I have from lifting, but instead of callousing the skin on my finger is becoming more and more raw, every now and then I’ll throw especially hard and it’ll rip the skin open :o, not too bad but annoying. Do you guys just power through or is there something yall would recommend?

Tough it out. It will heal, and you’ll be stronger.
Callouses will develop.

this might sound a bit un-orthodox but it worked for me, I throw hard over and over to practice getting that perfect sleep and at first when i was doing it the string would wip the sweetspot on my throw finger to the point were I didnt realize what was going on till i saw blood all over my string, I wasnt gonna just stop throwing cause of a witle boo-boo so I desenfected the little 2mm cut with alcohol and put a single drop of crazy glue on it, waited 5 minutes and… bing! fake callous after i kept throwing by the second day the crazy glue was gone and a real callous took its place, now if you dont wanna do that you can use some medical tape, or buy a glove, I was told by my JROTC instructer a long time ago that there was something you could apply to your hands to help a callous grow but i forgot what it was called. i suggest the crazy glu thing though. its non-toxic women use it to repair broken nails all the time so its safe… unless women with pressons are dieng from cancer then maybe I’ll retract my statement :stuck_out_tongue:

my girlfriend just said they use crazy glue on nails not on SKIN as far as she knows. esp not on cuts.

When my calluses crack or I get a paper cut or something, I use superglue. Fantastic stuff, that.

get a yoyo glove it helps so much

There are even some doctors that use superglue to close a wound. JHB is the most correct here though. They more you play the faster that callous will form. Sometimes it just takes a while. If you do get a string cut. glue it together. Bandaids only delay the callous.

Personally i would completely say no to putting superglue on your skin. it says right on the bottle not to. i had a wart removed which needed a bandaid for about a month on my finger. i put a glove on and i was fine. i would say use some neosporin and a bandaid i dont think any doctor would tell you to put superglue on your own finger so you can throw a yoyo. theres a lot of young kids on this board what if someone glues their fingers together after reading this thread lollll :smiley:

they have something called second skin (if I remember correctly), and all it is is just super glue with alcohol mixed in to help disinfect. It worked for me.

The reason there is a warning to not put super glue on your finger is because it deosn;'t come off easily and the average person doesn’t want it on thier skin. There is no medical threat to putting it on, I do it from time to time too.

My opinion, tough it out, if you cut yourself use New Skin which is a clear liquid bandaid thing, OR superglue, I ripped a 1.5in gash in my knuckle about 2 months ago, thing is the cut didn’t do anything but create essentially a flap of skin, so I took a tube of superglue, pulled the cut open, squeezed the bottle of glue and put the skin back over it, viola 5 minutes later I had a closed wound, the only drawback is that it made my hand a bit stiff, oh well it didn’t even scar. Icthus is right, doctors use the stuff, though theirs may be of a better grade than OTC superglue, it is a pretty simple fix, OR you COULD just tough it out, take a break and come back to it after your cut has clotted. Will it hurt? Probably, but that pain is something to get accustomed to, just wait until you catch your finger tip or knuckles with a suddenly snagged string, metals hurt.

I wouldn´t do the super glue thing. I really hate when it gets on my fingers, it feels weird and some time accidentally I paste together two fingers, not something good.

My idea would be to use a glue gun to glue the top of the loop, real smooth so it dosen’t cut into your finger when it snags or something. :smiley:

substitute supa-glue with rtv silicone?

RTV would be worse, dries in 24hs and has acetic acid which might make your hand itch.

That would tend to make any fresh cut burn. ::slight_smile:

Guys, superglue is totally fine to use for sealing up minor cuts and callus cracks. I seriously keep a tube of it around for that specific purpose. Just make sure it dries before you touch it with anything. And put it over the top of the cut so it’ll heal right, not inside. A bit of common sense will take you a long way.

oh doctors use super glue! they also set up injections for people and do heart transplants! I would NOT recommend using it. It says it on every bottle (not to) so you don’t mess yourself up. how would ANY 13 year old know how much to use or not put their fingers back together??? when i was a kid my friend glued his fingers together. i dont think most people on this board have a PHD. Sorry but just trying to use common sense and logic here. good luck, i say use a glove since it works fine and gives no danger. I would say if some doctor wants to use superglue (which i highly doubt, in my research i saw its very old fashion), i would say to let them do it (trust a PHD, not me or anyone else online that is giving health advice on open wounds). their are many different kinds of glue, and you dont know how. please be careful. good luck, feel better. i know what its like. it really is a pain, literally.

Very well respected website I use. (JUST LIKE THIS THREAD) ;D

Its not that serious, back when i was in high school a nutjob buddy of mine superglued his hands together, palms fingers and all and guess what happend… he peeled them apart his hands were fine except for the part were it was now coverd in a stiff plasticky substance which took him half an hour to clean off with dishsoap.

a single drop on an ant sized cut is just fine, but also i will contradict myself here and say if anyone is allergic to stuff espicialy if you break out in hives when something comes into contact with your skin than you know who you are and should know to be carefull when applying anything to your skin.

when it comes to the hands, the skin around it is made up of a realy thick layer of dead skin cells that constantly fall away, tattoos on the hands are i’ll advised since they fade away real fast because of natural skin peeling, same with the feet, I’m just trying to say a wee bit of crazy glue is okay, it will go away on its own, don’t peel it off or its gonna make you angry-still wont kill you though, but imagine pulling off a bandade thut sunk into your pours, yes ouch and a bald spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

now for anyone who needs intructions to toast a pop tart this ones for you;

  1. DO NOT apply super glue to any oraphace of your boddy to include ears, eyes, mouth, nose and other extremeties
  2. DO NOT ingest super glue
  3. DO NOT sniff super glue
  4. DO NOT use super glue on other people
  5. DO NOT use super glue to keep your pants from falling when you soil youself
  6. DO NOT use Super glue to style your hair (please don’t)
  7. Do NOT use superglue to keep your “I’m a safe boy” helmut attached
  8. and if you realy needed that then dont even ATTEMPT to use supper glue without proper supervision

now go for it have fun, superglue scissors to your hands and run around a fire full of glass bottles and see what happens… :stuck_out_tongue:


Get some adhesive bandage… like the err sticky fabric tape or something… if you burn your finger raw wrap it and keep playing.

You want to wear down your skin, that will make it smooth, and your body will naturally grow stronger smoother skin over the area of abrasion. If you keep playing and cut it, you’re forming scar tissue - that’s the body’s response to injury. You don’t want scar tissue (as it’s kindof a temporary glue you body creates to heal)… you want callous, which you get slowly by abrading the skin.

If you check the soles of your feet they’ll be smooth and tough… If you walk barefoot (on rocks etc) they’ll get smoother, tougher and more leathery. That’s not scar tissue… just natural skin evolution.

So don’t rip your fingers apart… It’s no good toughing it out. Give them a rest with a bandage… and when you’re ready keep playing raw. Your skin will naturally thicken and toughen in the area but still be pliable and undamaged. It’ll work out better in the long run.

Well that’s what i learned swinging hammers and forging swords… I assume it applies to yoyos too :slight_smile: