Finger vs. String

Saldoom Im thanking you for that amazing post.

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lol thanks, your my first ::slight_smile:


Very well-respected by whom?

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Yeah i know it sucks, when i first started my finger got so raw it started to bleed, not a lot but just a little, so for a short time i put a bandage over my finger, which let me practice without as much pain… to yoyo requires sacrifice!

You really deserve a thank you for this post.

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so thats why, my hands have been itching…

gotta wash silicone off more thoroughly now…

I quote because my idea want’s attention.

I like how I was the one to Thank Saldoom’s post and everyone but me got Thank Yous. :roll:


lol boo hoo how about this, I will give you a thank you will that make you feel better?

I was only kidding. I dont care about Thankyous. xD I just found it ironic.

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yea Saldoom that was funny. and Elephark that was the point I was trying to make. I had to be reminded that theres really young kids on this board when I brought up drinking. Because you know, kids dont know that adults drink. I was really just trying to make a point for them. All i know is my dad has glues in our garage that would really mess you up and dry like instantly. idk crazy stuff. (hes an electrical contractor so he has all that kind of handy stuff). So yea was just tryin to say for the young kids, who could grab something that isnt just super glue but might be something a lot worse. I’m sure it works fine for cuts. So dont worry Saldoom Mr Saftey has left the thread ;D

Try some NOLY or INT Gstring, I’ve been using these for abut a month now and I don’t have any string burns at all.