I cant be the only one getting these?

So this is how my string-finger looks like. I’ve tried loosening the knot, but that doesnt do anything except making the string slide around. What’s your fixes?

I have one right now.

Try moisturizing lotion on it, keep using the lotion once or twice a day. After a while it will get better.

Also, have you ever bought YYE tape? People say it does wonders. You could put the tape over the cut right after you use a moisturizer.

Yeah, tape works really well. Also make sure to stop yoyoing if the cuts get to big, but I wouldn’t think you’d want to do that anyway

I used to get those all the time…

i have those on my right hand pointer finger, gloves help and so does softer string.

Ah, I remember those. Take a break until it gets better. Eventually the skin on your finger will get tougher, and you won’t get those anymore.


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Just about to say this.

As a 5a player, I get tons of these all the way down the top of my pointer finger. They’re quite painful and totally suck.

Superglue is non toxic, long lasting, and extremely effective solution to these painful cuts. One bottle will last you for a long time too.

I recommend red loctite superglue.

There is a product called “New Skin” at pharmacies, but it’s essentially super glue repackaged as a medical supply. My pharmacy also carries a finger wrap product you slip on like one finger of a glove. I used to have to use one of those quite a bit when I first started. Stocked with the Band-Aid products.

Thanks guys. A bit sceptical about using super glue…
But the skin will get thougher? Like a guitarist fingers?

Yeah, it’ll get better.

I remember one summer where I was throwing 4+ hours every day, my fingers got to the point where even if the string went into one of the deep cuts it didn’t hurt. Which was really nice and I wish my finger was still that way.

Don’t be skeptical about superglue. Tons of people use it all the time. I have friends who work at pizza places, for example, that always have a bottle handy to fix paper cuts. Even doctors used a “medical” kind of superglue (basically the same thing) for fixing cuts where stitches won’t work.

i get those to, but you’ll build calluses eventually.

Get the bottle that has a brush applicator. You’ll never want to go back.

I understand being skeptical about putting Super Glue on there but surgeons use it all the time.
If you remain uncomfortable try “New Skin”, but still, I think it’s essentially Super Glue.

Maybe we’re making this more complicated than we should. How about Neosporin and a Band-Aid?
Another excellent product for painful splits on your fingers like this is Zim’s Crack Creme.

I’ve never gotten these. but then again, i always keep my string way lower on my finger

OR just wear gloves. Any time I’m yoyoing for more than an hour straight I wear a pair of gloves. Hop on ebay and look up billiards gloves. you get 10 for $10, they aren’t as high quality as the duncan ones, but they work just as well.

Yes, you have a virus called “practice”. Symptoms may include cut in finger, experience, satisfaction, and toughened skin.

To ease the painful sensations, use superglue. It was used in the civil war era and other wars as an adhesive for skin bonding

Wait, they had Super Glue during the Civil War? you think? really?

I use super glue for cuts. Works.

I will say i dont get these anymore because I’ve built a callous, but when I did get them often it usually had to do with harder string or using the string to long. You could switch to a softer string and change strings more often till your callous builds up.

My finger is looking like that.

Pain is good. Deal with it!