Cut in finger

Well, I yo-yo a lot, and the string cut my finger a little from all the abrasion from throwing the yo-yo down. The cut is about half-way healed now, but when I throw some more, the string keeps cutting it more. Should I wait until it’s completely healed or use something like yo-yo gloves or yo-yo tape to prevent the string from rubbing against it?

I usually close it with superglue. Then I use tape or a glove sometimes. Most of the time I just use the glue and keep yoyoing.

You can use a band-aid advanced healing over the cut and then just put a strip of tape around it. don’t make it too tight and leave the band-aid on until the cut heals or the band-aid comes off. if it comes off then just put another on and another piece of tape over it. I suggest sports tape which will give you some added protection.

And superglue…although it does work it can often lead to skin infections since as the cyanoacrylate in the glue cures it creates heat that can kill off just enough skin cells to cause the cut to be more susceptible to infection and can actually slow down the healing process. People think because a hospital may use superglue its ok to do at home but medical wound adhesive is formulated for use on skin. the band-aid advanced healing cushions a cut and helps to keep the environment moist enough for healing but dry enough to avoid any problems.

I’ve had the same issue. I think my favorite method is liquid bandage.
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I use a band aid that has a texture that does not rub/stick to yoyo string.

Cloth based medical tape stays in my yoyo case. Its great to take care of cuts and string burn or to prevent slip knot soreness. I also us it on my finger to help keep the knot on slippery strings in place on my throw hand.

Yes! Crazy glue!

yeah you could just use a band aid, tape, medical tape, or something like that until it heals up. Youre going to get a nasty scar (and possibly) an infection if you dont let it heal and keep re-opening it…
eventually, you’ll get a nice build up of rough skin on your finger and wont have to worry about cuts anymore lol

I’ve had the same problem too. When I first started yoyoing, I would yoyo constantly, and my index finger got really cut up. I got two permanent super deep slices in my finger, and they’re still here. I found that a glove helps a lot, and also helps with sweaty hands, although I don’t use gloves anymore.

I think I’m one of the fortunate ones, my fingers calloused pretty quickly.

Still, if you want to get a cut to complain about, try doing 2A, it still hurts me to do it for more than 15-20 minutes… :frowning:

I already have a callous. The string just rubs on the edge of my finger, not where the string is wrapped around.

I can do a little bit of 2A, and it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad, since you don’t have to throw as hard. But that may just be me.

Use your other finger I actually prefer to throw with my index finger.

Tough it out.

ER doctors tell me it’s fine. I use it pretty frequently, never had anything happen to me.

Suck it up, princess. You’ll get calluses.

Yes, liquid bandage works amazingly. Though it stings like heck when it’s on one of those deeper cuts.
My preferred method is athletic tape.

I think maybe some of you need to use moisturizer. I get that the string can still dig in when you’re playing for a long time, but every time I see a pic of someone’s cut up hands they also have white, ashy, dead skin all over their fingers. You’d be surprised what just a little moisturizer daily or twice daily can do for your skin’s ability to resist cracking or burns from string.

Yes, i am in full agreement with that one. It helps ALOT. I’ve started using it over the last couple months and it’s made a world of difference, and I have the driest hands ever, (it doesn’t help that i’m working on cars all day and getting them oily and greasy) but even just using lotion or moisturizer once a day works wonders. Polyester string tears up your hands, you gotta take some kind of measures to counteract that.

Alright, that’s one method I haven’t tried yet.