Yo-Yo finger


I’ve recently started to wear a elastoplast (band-aid in the US I think?) to stop my yo-yo finger from getting really sore.

I know you can get gloves, but don’t fancy one.

Does anyone have any other great ideas to prevent their fingers feeling like they’re about to fall off? ???


I used a bit recently. I got a nasty cut on my finger and refused to wait for hit to heal enough. I didn’t put the string on it like shown in the picture but put the tape so it was covering the cut so the string couldn’t scrape over it and tear it back open.

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If you get cut like Studio42 then tape or a band-aid is good. But if you are not then I suggest just play through the pain. Not if it’s severe of course. Doing this will aid in getting a callous. This is key to tapeless yoyoing.

What? My dad told me to “Man up.” However, now that I’ve lost my fingers and yo with my thumbs, he just says, “You still have thumbs, Man UP.” ::slight_smile: Yeah I know, I’m no help at all as I’ve never had the problem. I once shot a lot of competive archery and I used my fingers instead of the release. I found that iodine would harden the skin, over time, and prevent the string from cutting into my fingers. Maybe that helps. The only other thing I can think of to say is “MAN UP.” (just kidding)

Yoyo’ing is MUCH better without tape. I disliked the feel of the string through the tape, or rather lack of feel.

In my case, PAIN wasn’t the issue(the pain didn’t bother me). The healing was being constantly disrupted, due in part to the location(inside of the 1st knuckle on middle finger, on the index finger side, so it was constantly flexing). Right now I’m throwing more and the healing is progressing pretty good.

I’m not advocating “no gloves and no tape”. Use what you feel you need. But, I prefer the string right on the finger.

Same. It gets in the way, and just messes up the feel when you throw